OK, here's a current tree of my homepage. From here you can jump around at will. [But you didn't need me to tell you when you could jump around.] As an added bonus, you can use the link coloring to tell you where you've been. Play the "find the diving beetle" game on all the pages and you can always jump directly here by tickling that little devil. Look there's one now!

I use some special characters to indicate the kinds of goodies you can find on each page:

All pages also have a link to the copyright page & back to the homepage, so I left them out.
» Links to places off my pages
Ö Pages with FORMs on them
Þ Pages with RealAudio soundbites
Æ Pages with animation (Netscape 2.01+ or Internet Explorer 3.0+)
§ Free stuff for the download
¿ There be Java here
£ This is physically elsewhere

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