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Welcome to my tribute to chickens in web space. This is a fairly comprehensive list (to date) of references to chickens in general as found on other people's pages. My criteria was simple - hadda be cluckin'. I shyed away from commercial stuff but then I break my own (non-existent) rules on occasion. Enough talking, let's get peeping. My comments are sprinkled throughout. If you see a link I don't have, feel free to email me (and don't be so formal, call me Sydd) and I'll visit it when I can. Be sure to tell me your own homepage URL when you recommend one (if yours is not the one being recommended) and I'll include a link to your page and a "Suggested By" byline with the link. If you'd like to contribute a new page on a particular zone resident, read my miniscular guidelines for pages on this site.

The unofficial Marshmallow Peepers Page
Like the makers of these sweet dreams will ever feel the need to put up an official page.
{Thanks to Jim Eagles for this link}

TEZ's Bird Page
There are domestics here as well.

Donald Firsching's Chicken Page
Serious information - no rubber chickens here pal.

Mama's Secrets
Someone webified descriptions of the Chicken Tonight line of sauces. And I spent time finding these pages.

Curry Chicken with Grapes
Well so far there are more people interested in eating them. Checkout other pages one level up - lotsa recipes. Mmmmm Curry Chicken... ohhhh baaaaabbbiiieeee.... ggguarrrggllllll...

Cannibal Chicken
OK Gramms, give us your story...

Marietta Georgia's Big Chicken
"... renovations included repair of the motorized beak and rotating eyes ..." - You know, I had that problem once. Thank goodness there's bionics!

The Chicken Dive
Experience The Chicken Advantage: Sky diving chicken style.

The Pyschic Chicken Network
They told me I have chicks for brains (not really). Did I ever tell you the one about the blue chicken and its complete waste of time?

Why did the chicken cross the road?
You knew someone had to place a comprehensive web page up about this most serious of bio-psychological problems.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
As comprehensive as the last one was, it didn't include them all.

The chicken...
A Star Trek variant on the "Chicken Cross the Road" joke. Gee, my first impression when I heard about this page was "Geek! This oughtta be lame." You know how first impressions are - mine was dead on. Update: This one's gone down the same road as all of the Colonel's pets. Too bad, it was worth a look, despite what I said.

Chicken Mappers' WWW Bulletin Board
A service to the Chicken Mappers of the World.

Cyber Chicken
Cool stuff, a talking 'toon. Bock, bock, bock, bock!!!!!
Thanks to Internet Underground for this link. [Added 3 June 1996]

Chicken Heads Homepage
Japanese site. I don't read Japanese. Anyone know what this site is about? Cool logo though!

Lost Chicken
Read about six idiots trying to rescue a chicken.

Chicken Pox FAQ
Finally something useful (though it's more a bunch of stories than facts).

Chicken Head
The Zaney Web Page of Peter Imes. I guess Peter defines "zaney" as hard-to-read. Repleat with the "do not click on this" link and the "click here if you are an idiot" link. I didn't. I'm not.

Chicken and Egg Festival
We were driving through Arkansas last July on holiday, you know, checking out Bill's place, etc. We had no idea what we'd otherwise find. OH - MY - GAWD! What Fun! Hee Hee! I swear I saw Dave Barry there. I'm not making this up.

Super Chicken
If only they'd provided some graphics or audio. Sydd mental note: Get some Super Chicken visuals & sound bites for the web page. Sha - just after we put the third floor on the house...

Chicken Soup For The Soul
Cap'n, there be sounds here. Real Audio Scotty? Aye. (This link has nothing whatsoever to do with Star Trek, sorry - it was late when I wrote this - Sydd)

laser chicken
Hadn't heard this but it brought a smile, maybe because I'm a big fan of both dishes. The URL's almost as long as the page content. Plus you gotta surf all the way to Hiroshima to get it. I found it in Germany as well.

Chicken Boy Fridge Magnets
No idea. This one baffled me - but I'll probably order the one shown here.

One Big Chicken: A Drinking Game
When I found out this page was from the Real Beer Page site, I stayed a while. The problem with this particular game is that it requires someone to remember 10 phrases. I'm usually lucky I can remember my name & how to call a cab, oh, and in which pocket I keep my wallet.

Firing of Chicken Litter on a Step Grate
For goodness sake can someone help this poor man with his serious problem? Then can you explain what it is he asked in english? I mean I know what each of the words in this message mean individually. But when placed in this particular order I draw a blank.

Gunning Down 'Chicken Fingers'
Hey Babu, stop! I'm busting a gut! Hoo! Phew! Gasp!

The Blues Magoos: Chicken Wire Lady
The final cut (4:07) on their Kaleidescopic Compendium CD.

If you ever get the urge to surround everything on your page with the Netscape extension <CENTER></CENTER> tags, first go to this very long page. It's the poster child for the Anti-Centrification League Umpire (you may have heard of us, uh, me). Oh yeah, forgot to tell you about the site: There's more fowl than chickens here. Ow! My wife just smacked me in the back of the head again. Quit That!
{Thanks to The Net for this link.}

Why did the...
Here are more chicken road jokes, provided by a visitor who also alerted me to the run-over-chicken state of the dead URL above.
{Thanks to David R. Resseguie for this link.}
[Added 18 Jan 98]
This is an excellent source for clipart, animated or not. My one complaint is that they only show you 5 at a time, and I couldn't find a way to search by keywords. So prepare to do a little hunting.
{Thanks to David R. Resseguie for this link.}
[Added 18 Jan 98]


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