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Welcome to Sydd's Internet Zoo Aviary. Here you'll find a collection of pages each dedicated to a different bird. Some are birds of prey (who, according to Gary Larson, know they're cool), some are flightless, some have had their names sullied by politicians.

Before you shy away, assuming these are pages with technical info on avian care and feeding, take a look. There's actually almost none of that. This is just a buch of links loosely connected by this common theme. For domestic birds, checkout the Petting Zoo. If you'd like to contribute a link to an existing page or a whole new page on a particular area resident, read my miniscular guidelines for pages on this site. Come back soon, these things are changing often.

A Pseudo Periodical Web Magazine
{Thanks to INTERNET underground for this link.}

A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers
{Thanks to Roger Frissora for forwarding this email which I htmlized and to its original author.}

TEZ's Bird Page
Contains an extensive list on domestic & wild avians.

derae's Bird Page
Contains a decent list of bird links, part of a bigger list of animal links. No commentary, though, and heck that's all my mediocre lists have to offer.
{Thanks to Dave "Websurf" for this link.}

Your resource for links to birding. Don't miss the link to over 50 Finnish birdsongs or the freaky looking birds native to Kenya - what are you waiting for?
{Thanks to Internet Voyager for this link.}

Wild Wings Heading North
This is pretty cool. It details a project involving tracking 10 Snow Geese via satellite transmitter tags during their migration north from late '96 thru mid June '97. They give all the details of how & why, and even include details on how they used the satellite data to generate the web pages. There are day journal entries, pictures, and even a section for kids.
{Thanks to Rose for this link.}
[Added 18 Jan 1998]


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