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If you are querying an existing SDR you'd type it in the NEW/ID# field and Apply. If you are creating a new SDR simply type NEW into that field. Fill in your name and email address into the Originator and Assigned To fields respectively. Use the field next to the Assigned To for any organizational info you'd like (ie. phone number). Most data fields are automagically filled on status transitions. Many fields are only modifiable by CM. All fields are optional in this sample.

NEW/ID#:  Priority:

Status:NEW/CCB1AssessAssignedCCB2CM EvalQuickFixResolvedRejected
Originator: Your Name Originate Date:
Assigned To:Your Email Date Assigned:
SDR Type:SoftwareHardwareDocumentationRequirementsVendorUnknown
Category: Hours Worked:
Date Due: Last Status Change: Date Closed:


Description: Enter a description of the problem in as much detail as possible.

Comments: This section records changes to the other sections automatically and can be edited by any user to provide information, etc. to the assignee. CM also uses this section to record CCB events, etc.

Steps To Recreate:This section is used to detail steps the assessor or assignee(s) can take to recreate the problem.

Proposed Solution:Hey, if you got a fix, flaunt it.

Problem:Where the Description section detailed the manifestation of the problem, this section allows you to detail the cause or the behind the scenes workings that cause the manifestation.

Resolution:Detail the fix. Remember that the results in the Validate Turnover Results file will give you the "diff" output on the files listed. This section is to flesh out the how and why.

Files Modified:This is the only file that must adhere to a specific format. See the Help file above (under the ducky). This file contains a list of files and their versions in the development database which are to be turned over to the CM database as part of this SDR. The SDR number must appear in the header comment block of each file (where applicable), the files must have the appropriate keywords pertinent to the revision control system in use (for example, %W% %G% for SCCS, $Id:$ for RCS).

Testing:Detail steps to prove it's been fixed, if the Steps To Recreate are inadequate.

Build Instructions:This MUST either contain the word "None" when turned over to CCB2 or contain any special instructions to CM to rebuild the code with this fix. Some examples: "due to common files turned over, the entire system needs to be rebuilt" or "rebuld the xyz library then re-link executables A, B and Q".

Press Apply to generate an email message to SyddWare with your sample SDR. A real SDRTool would update the database, notify CM, the CCB members via email, and send you an email message confirming the creation of your SDR with an assigned number sometime thereafter. To clear the whole form, press Abort.


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