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Welcome to Sydd's Internet Zoo. Here you'll find a collection of pages each dedicated to a different member of the Animal Kingdom. This started out in Dec 1995 with my Duckies on The Web page which came from my search of images of rubber duckies to go with my logo. Then came the page that was supposed to be dedicated to Piggy Banks. I changed it to PIGS IN (Cyber)SPACE after it became evident that there just weren't many links related to piggy banks, but lots of pigs out there. It soon ballooned into other animal link pages until I finally had to start a Zoo to house all this wild (and domesticated) life.
I've organized the pages into groups akin to the areas in a real Zoo. Once I've pinned down all the areas, I'll generate an imagemap ZooMap jump point so you can always get to any area from the Map and always get back to the map from any page. Wherever you see the SyddZoo flea (chosen because my wife said "Ewwww" when I suggested it), click on it to go to the ZooMap. For now you'll just have to deal with a text based version. From this page you can click on the diving beetle to get to the SyddWare SyteMap which you can use to see when a given page has been updated and go directly there.

Zookeeper's Pet Award
Sydd's Internet Zoo was awarded Zookeeper's 'Pet' Site Of The Week for the week of Oct.29, to Nov.5, 1997 and resides on their WWW Friends page thereafter. Thanks folks.

Before you shy away, assuming these are pages with technical info on the care and feeding of these animals, take a look. There's actually almost none of that. In fact there's something for everyone here: Kids links, Rock Bands, Coffee Vendors, Breweries (did I spell it right Judy?), on-line catalogs, personal pages, you name it.

And oh hey! At times I may mention a book that I would recommend you checkout. SyddWare is pleased to bring you, In Association with, links directly to the book at Amazon. There you can check it out for yourself and even order it! To make it easier I've included a special grafik (below) that will appear nearby where I mention the book. Just click it or the text link and you're whisked away to Amazon! If you purchase the book from this link you are helping to keep Sydd's Internet Zoo alive. But don't forget to come back!

All tennants are now listed in the
Animal Index.

Update: Don't stop visiting because the animals have been trickling in. The Daily Feed and other projects have taken precedence lately. But I have oodles of pages yet to visit, review then post so keep trying.


Future Home of the ZooMap
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Over 25 links

If it swims... Splash around with us, if you don't mind the smell, uh, I MEAN brisk sea air.

Arctic Circle
Almost 10 links

Wrap up in something warm - bet you've never "sledded" the Web - don't forget your muk-luks and ice fishing is definitely RIGHT OUT!.

ATM Machine
Almost 10 links

Hey, you gotta have money to buy the kids those packets of monkey food right? And you forgot to stop by the cash machine on your way here. Well stop in, all the Net money sources are here.

About 5 links

Flying around the Internet - Don't look up!

Concession Stand
Almost 10 links

Here you'll find some favorite recipes of mine (that's right, he cooks too) and links to all the fastfoodeateries that you're likely to encounter at a typical Zoo grub shack.

Down Under
Over 70 links

Those cute kangas & vicious koalas & tasmanian devils & kiwi birds are all here, so pop your joeys in your pouch, some shrimp on the Bar-B and just diggeradoo it!

Just a couple of links here

The SyddWare SyteMap diving beetle and ZooMap flea threatened to walk if I didn't get this page up there.

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!
Almost 10 links

They're big, they're bad, they have sharp teeth and claws, they'll maul you, shred you, dice, slice, and chop you. They even julienne!

Petting Zoo
Over 255 links

Here you'll find your standard domesticated fare: ducks, pigs, cows, horses, chickens, etc. The Duckies & Piggies pages are the most populous to date; they're where it all started.

Just a couple of links

The occupation of terran & arboreal fur bearers [monkey business] - swing on in

Rain Forest
Half a dozen links or so

Stay clear of the poison dart frogs and bring your umbrella.

Around 5 links

It slips, it slides, and there's one crawling up your leg. Guess what it is before it bites and win a priz- ... ulp, too late. You ought to get someone to suck the venom out before you blackout.

Just a few links

Hey, inevitably the kids are gonna need to go.

Over a dozen links

Marlin: "As Jim attempts to hand feed the lion cub, it's father, and coincidentally the primary cat of the den, approaches from behind. Let's watch."

Tell me what this says & win a prize!

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