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Welcome to my tribute to cattle on the Internet. This is intended to be a fairly comprehensive list (to date) of references to cows in general as found on other people's pages. My criteria was simple - hadda be bovine. I shyed away from commercial stuff but then I break my own (non-existent) rules on occasion. My comments are sprinkled throughout. If you see a link I don't have, feel free to email me and I'll visit it when I can. Be sure to tell me your own homepage URL when you recommend one (if yours is not the one being recommended) and I'll include a link to your page and a "Suggested By" byline with the link. If you'd like to contribute a new page on a particular zone resident, read my miniscular guidelines for pages on this site. Enough talking, let's get mooing.

Big Dave's Cow Page
Audio, images, poetry, songs, facts, links, etc. etc. etc. My page pales by comparison - a tip of the horns to you Dave.

TEZ's Cow Page
All things cow - and I mean all.

Tim Alper's Cow Collection
Very reminiscent of Big Dave's page but the Monty Python "feché la vache" image is worth the visit.

Cow Rumen
Ruminate while they illuminate (thanks Genie). Checkout the paragraph on Burnable Burps.

Cow Graphics
Not sure on this one but the graphics are cool, although, according to their new under construction page, "Warning, the graphics etc. are pretty old and a bit slow!!"

A Proposal
Mark Wutka has thought about this a lot.

Mad Cow Disease In The News
Animal Rights Resource Site: Watch for that head listing to the left symptom.

A New Zealand Take On BSE
That's Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy for the acronym impaired, or Mad Cow Disease to the rest of us who don't speak medicalese.

And this just in from Zambia...

More images & sounds & links. Visit the Cows of Prince Edward Island link from this page - we're talking contest for a t-shirt here.

Cyber Cow Tipping
Yes, after you're done pouring gasline out on the driveway to watch the pretty rainbows for your Saturday night entertainment, jump here and tip over a Swedish cow. Hoo what fun! (Yeah, I know this one's a repeat of a link on Big Dave's)

A Copycat Cyber Cow Tipper
Jeez anyone can flip a picture over - show me a real cow before & after & you'll get my respect.

Despite the image it evokes, this is a very educational site. Hey we all did one in High School right? Remember how the lens resembled a jelly bean without the candy coating? Mmmmm.

Informative Article
Um. Ok. This is a report about findings of investigators in Palermo, Italy. This is of concern to you new parents.

The Unofficial Henry Cow Site
Yes, the band Henry Cow - who else did you think? Geez.

Sketch the Art Cow
"Make him send you a Moo of Luv" - Speaks for itself doesn't it?

"Hi ya'll, my name is Peter Salveson and I'm the High Priest of The Cult of the Golden Cow" ... and I have way too much free time - heck it rivals Sydd's free time... almost.

Capitalizing on Dairy Cow Herd Life
FINALLY a get rich quick scheme you can USE!

2 Cow Herd
An Internet Service Provider

Animal Software
Download your own copy of a herd record keeping program: "It also has a sample herd." Awww I hafta check my community's covenants first.

Dairy Industry Myths Exposed!
Scandalous, simply scandalous.

Falling Cow Sinks Ship
Sha, that ranks up there with the "stolen liver in Las Vegas" and the "scuba diver dropped on forest fire" stories.

Jesse the Cow
The following story is for children young and old.

The Cow Expedition Logs
Read these. The mind jury's still out on this one. Here's a snippet verbatim (including bad speling): all of a sudden a group of big hairy, minty looking french guys jumpped me. They took me back to their hide out and slapped me around, and asked questions as to the reason for our invesigation.

Cow Links
Beaucoup Cow links - you'll be here a while.

The Surface Area of a Cow
OK I officially have less free time than these guys, especially the guy near the end who wrote the virtual dissertation. My first answer was the "assume a spherical cow" solution.

Marta's Cow
... at MIT. The thinktank...

Sacred Cow
There are no sacred cows... So then you're saying that there's nothing to visit on this page? Au contraire ma petite chien. You'll need to don your conceptualization hat. Geez, you'll never take me seriously if I use descriptive phrases like "makes you think" and other cerebral (after a long day and a few beers... this is cerebral as I'm gonna get, hon) utterances. I know, here's what you expect from me: "Checkout the cool email icon at the bottom." Get thee thither hence.

The Space Cow Association
Lali-ho! Uh, What?

The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software
Epitomizes the point of these web pages. This site has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with cows beyond it's acronym and the image on the main page & backdrop. It's a PERFECT candidate for this page.

Cows With Guns
Follow the teachings of radical Cow Tse Tongue and his leftist rag-tag herd of followers that constitute a significant mooovement.... aw heck this is just some guy making a statement about the music industry.
{Thanks to Arthur Carter for this link.}
National Cow Day
Ok, so you've thought about cows alot, and you want to raise bovine awareness in the US... Maybe he wrote this under duress with one of those moo-moos pointing a heater at his noggin...

CowTown America
Ya gotta love a site that moos at you even before it's fully loaded. Find out the scoop on selenium. Visit the CowTown Cafe and sip a beefy Latte while perusing the Guidelines for Cooking Ground Beef Patties. Hit the library for books written on jerky. OK so I made some of this up - hit the site and find out what parts are true.

Shad's Pad
Ok this is a cow lover. Checkout the cow stuff including an animated holstein, a not annoying (like most others) midi embed, one of the nicer access counters I've seen (straight from a toaster in Oz, Australia), and a chat area, all on one page! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to turn off that midi thing - even the nicest piece will get to you after a while.
{Thanks to Shadowette for this link.}
The folks at AltaVista, the web search engine, could have used some fancy relational database jargon to name this technology, but they didn't, and they even came up with a cool logo for it. You can't take yourself too seriously these days.

The Amazing CowCam
Just what you think. When I looked, one of the cows hoofed me off. I guess I'd make obscene gestures too if I were a cow named Hamburger. I wonder if they have any horses named Glue or Dogfood, or maybe a Dog named Moo Shu Pork. Sorry, that was uncalled for, but I had to type it anyway or I'd explode. You understand.
{Thanks to Bette for this link.}


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