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Welcome to Sydd's Internet Zoo Savannah. Here you'll (SOON) find a collection of links or pages of links each dedicated to life on the Serengheti (or whereever). We're talking Simba and Pumbaa and Timon and all their little friends and meals. This section is being built right now (You can check out P&T's song and Pumbaa's big mug on our PIGS IN (Cyber)SPACE page). If you'd like to contribute a link to an existing page or a whole new page on a particular area resident, read my miniscular guidelines for pages on this site. Come back soon, these things are changing often.


Project Candide Project Candide
Join the 20 day Safari posted daily to the web Jan 18-Feb 16 '96
{Thanks to the 6 May 96 Issue of PC WEEK for this link}


Aardvark's EFL Resources: Learning
This will instantly become one of your bookmarks. All sorts of dictionaries, thesauruses (thesauri?), encyclopedias (encyclopediae?), English to not-english dictionaries, etc. I have (had) this little red Merriam-Webster at my side. No longer. (Come to think of it, I could have looked up those plurals above in it or at this link... Nah. Next link!
{Thanks to Knarf Mit for suggesting this link}

The Purple Aardvark Web Site
HA HA! Those Brits! Their humor is so... so... British! Checkout the Extremely Immodest Proposal. Not that it's necessarily written by them, but they have it posted so <TIRADE> We're all adults here so let's redefine the names of the Senators sponsoring the CDA to mean things like penis & excrement. Hey I'm as against the CDA (which, by the way, if you've been under a rock, has been slapped down in Philly and I don't believe it will even make it to the Supreme Court, nor, if it does, will the Justices be able to overturn the Philly decision) as the next guy. And I have no great love for the senators. But this is a real mature way to handle it, guys. </TIRADE> [This political moment was brought to you by Exxon: "We almost have all those Alaskan Ducks cleaned."]
{Thanks to Knarf Mit for suggesting this link}

Aardvark Entertainment
Ok here's another purple aardvark -- named Ardemus. He's wearing white dancing shoes and is more 3D than the one above. These guys are selling software (such as screen savers) and specialize in 3D ray traced animation, some examples of which can be downloaded from here. Not sure what the ringed planet, the comet, the starry backdrop & the geeky Star Trek communicator borders have to do with the rest of the site, though.
{Thanks to Knarf Mit for suggesting this link}

Cerebus the Aardvark
This guy is also in the purple range. Well, purple-esque. And he looks more like a pig to me, but then I've only seen purple ones up close so... The page is moderately content-less but contains links to other Cerebus pages. Oh and a Pluto-as-seen-by-Hubble page that's interesting though extracted from the Space Telescope Science Institute here in Balmer.
{Thanks to Knarf Mit for suggesting this link}

Swimming Aardvark
YAPA: Yet another purple aardvark. Am I missing something? Why purple?
{Thanks to Knarf Mit for suggesting this link} Update: Jerry's moved here - new site, check it out.

Aardvark's Adventures
This guy, Aarnie (thank gawd he's not purple), presides over a web page providing interesting places to visit in Wisconsin. There's a list of microbreweries in Wisconsin (who knew?) and Bed and Breakfasts. They have a perfect place to use an image map but I guess these guys haven't figured that part out yet (email me guys, I can help you hook links into that map).
{Thanks to Knarf Mit for suggesting this link}

Aardvark Magic Company
This is a very simple site containing magic tricks you can do, optical illusions, and merchandise. Interesting for a minute or two.
{Thanks to Knarf Mit for suggesting this link}


Warthog Industries
A coupla nice hogs. Dunno whether I'd name my company after a nasty smelly antisocial garbage eater, but maybe these guys see the cute cuddly Pumbaa there instead. Contact them so that they can attempt to achieve their goal by Assisting you to analyse and specificy your requirements. Their spelling not mine. Update: Apparently they couldn't assist enough people, this link's 404 now, Doh!
{Thanks to Knarf Mit for suggesting this link}


Fruitbat Soup
We'll start out slow on this one with a simple but tasty recipe for you to clip and save. I augmented mine with garlic & hot sauce. If you've jumped the gun and already skinned or eviscerated your bats, don't bother with this one -- doh! Jeez you search and search for a good fruitbat recipe and then when you find one they have to be picky about bat-prep.
{Thanks to Knarf Mit for suggesting this link}

Panda Kroll: Fruitbat
While I'm a fan of black and white prints, here are some multiple drop color monotypes. Check out the rest of the art at this site.
{Thanks to Knarf Mit for suggesting this link, updated 6 July 2001 to Panda's own namesake site}

The Augusta Fruit(bat) Machine
Try your luck, get three pinheads in a row and win win win!
{Thanks to Knarf Mit for suggesting this link}

Fruit Bat Love
A one act play. My favorite line: Jesus' dog died for your dog's sins. A sharp rap on his snout with a rolled up newspaper would've sufficed I'd think, but OK.
{Thanks to Knarf Mit for suggesting this link}

Bellboy Fruitbat-Motel
Website dedicated to skateboarders of the 50th state. The FBM comes complete with Full-Interactive Skatemap, Interviews with Ex-Pro Skaters, Best Damn Lounge in the World, and Monthlies that will knock your socks off.
{Thanks to Robby for the review and the link I just wish he didn't have to swear. Of all places, on a SyddWare website!}


Empty Trash Talk
Lewis submitted his homepage with these words: This site is loaded with Lynx, Gnus, Pics, Parrots, Rabbits, Purge and many animals still to come in future stories and cartoons. Stop by and camp out.
{Thanks to Lewis Cohen for suggesting his link}


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