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Welcome to my tribute to sheep on the Internet. This is a fairly comprehensive list (to date) of references to sheep in general as found on other people's pages. My criteria was simple - hadda be ovine. I shyed away from commercial stuff but then I break my own (non-existent) rules on occasion. My comments are sprinkled throughout. If you see a link I don't have, feel free to email me (and don't be so formal, call me Sydd) and I'll visit it when I can. Be sure to tell me your own homepage URL when you recommend one (if yours is not the one being recommended) and I'll include a link to your page and a "Suggested By" byline with the link. If you'd like to contribute a new page on a particular zone resident, read my miniscular guidelines for pages on this site. Enough talking, let's get bleating. Baa Ram Ewe. Baa Ram Ewe....

The Inflatable Sheep Page
Good advice for the real loser who hasn't been able to bag a real one and has to resort to the kind you get from those catalogs that insist that you get a 7-Eleven money order in advance and send it plus postage before they send your order. Then when you get the box it's got puncture holes in it and when you take the doll out & try to inflate her she doesn't hold air very long so you have to keep re-inflating her all night. Then when you call the company they claim that any damage must've been caused by the post office and that you should've bought insurance. And you figured, "Why buy insurance on a $29.95 vinyl life sized 'open extra wide' model doll? What's the worst that can happen?" So you didn't & now you're out thirty bucks! ... Uh .... So I've heard...

Happiness is a warm fuzzy sheep
Very humorous stuff, some server push animation and Facts like the following: When cornered, a sheep can rip the arms off the strongest farmer. All from the Elvis Spamporium's Farm Yard.

The Sheep Home Page - Baaaaa!
Henry's Sheep page includes sounds, games, images, a server push animated Sheep Calculator, and a section called Sheep and Religion. (I had a bit of trouble getting the images from the main page and the clipart link wasn't working, but try the calculator.)

Stuart's Sheep Page
Stuart has a nice imagemap - each sheep has something to say. Also try his Spot the Sheep and his Sheep Test.

Because of Eve
Introducing your Border Collie to sheep. Not what your dirty mind would think, this is actually very interesting stuff on training sheep dogs. I particularly liked the caption under one photo: Use ducks if sheep are too fast for pup. I do that all the time, as you might expect.

Why sheep are better...
That classic list compiled in, as near as I can tell, it's entirety. Not that there's anything wrong with that. OK there is.
{Special thanks to Robert Levin for pointing out the staleness of the former URL on this link.}

Sheep Dairying
Yes, the subject is the sheeps milk industry.

Monty Python's Flying Circus: Flying Sheep
I'm sending you to Sweden for the transcript of the legendary Flying Sheep skit. It's my considered opinion that they're nestin'.

Bodega Pastures Sheep
The have a cool drawing of a ram & it's very professional looking. But I'm not sure of the demographic group at which they're aimed.

Mutant Sheep Ravage the Conway Centre!
I wrote a piece of this caliber for my high school newsletter way back in nineteeen murble muffle. Ha Ha! Whew! Stop! I'm busting a gut over here!

Sheep in the Bible
You've surfed the web to find my page. I surfed the web to find Henry F's page. Henry F surfed the Bible to bring the web his page which I proffer you.

This guy gives you a quick background then offers the standard Top Ten list Why Sheep are Better... and an answering list. "Bah" is not a sympathetic noise. Yes but a guy can dream...

Electrified Sheep Netting
THIS BAND ROCKS! Aw Royght! Man this band is the ultimate... uh...the guitar ... uh.. rocks, yeah, and the drummer is the... uh ... rockin'est... and... uh.... Aw nuts this isn't the name of a band but a product. But it sounds like a cool band name to me.

Babe: The Sheep Herding Game
Interactive sheep-pig game. Baa Ram Ewe, Baa Ram Ewe. To your breed, something something clan be true.
{Special thanks to Robert Levin for pointing out the staleness of the former URL on this link.}

Black Sheep
Complete lyrics to their A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing albumn. Provided by the Homeboy from Hell. That's ANOTHER great band name.

Reproductive and Developmental Behaviour in Sheep
This one, though a very dry read, wins two SyddWare awards: a) the Double Entendre Web Page Title award, and the Most Numbers in an URL award. You Netherlanders are wacky, wacky people!

Black Sheep Yarn & Knitting Machines
Straight from, and MADE IN Alaska.

Text based Standard Operating procedures for .. zzzzzzzzz... huh wha? Alfalfa cubes... mmmmmm....

On their way Game officials capture...
Marlin Perkins: "Most Americans never see a desert bighorn sheep in the wild. Let's watch Jim as he attempts to confront this ram... Jim?" Jim: "Well Marlin, he appears to be a male, approximately two and one half years old judging from his horns and he OOOOHHHH". Marlin Perkins: "That has to hurt. As we attempt to lure the ram away from Jim, let's hear from our good friends at Mutual of Omaha."

Sheep River Hunting Camps
Bear-Dall Sheep-Mountain Goat-Moose One-On-One Brown Bear hunts are available spring and fall. My favorite part of this site is the two photos of what appear to be a hunter being mauled by a bear with the accompanying caption, the last word of which absolutely broke me down laughing: Always have a professional guide or this could happen to you...Ha!

Stray Sheep "pou"
Surf all the way to Japan to a page (I think) selling what appears to be sheep slippers. Help me out here, what's the deal on this page? Anyone? The rest comes out as gibberish on my browser but the slippers are soooooooo cuuuuute! OK so it's late.

Sheep Diseases
I believe at least one of these is a Hanna Barberra character of dubious origin. Well, if you add "Doo" on the end. See I subscribe to the theory that he's really his namesake's bastard son but that they call him the "nephew" to avoid a scandal in the cartoon community. Have we ever met the big guy's sister & brother-in-law or brother & sister-in-law? But I digress.

Some Sheep Breeds Found in Australia
My last company performance report listed the exact same advantages as those of the Dorset Horn variety. Hmmmm I'm gonna have to have a talk with my supervisor's boss.

Gotta find out what this phrase means: duck trialing. Are we talking powdered wigs here? Gotta hit this wacky tourist attraction next time I'm in the UK.

If you're seriously interested in sheep beyond my capping on them, you might join this mailing list.

Neglected Sheep
This is what a band page should be like. It has play dates, sounds, band info, albumn stats and links from a band out of Charlotte NC. It takes a bit for us slow 14K vistors to download as it's a veritable gold mine of swipeable animated gifs including a munching sheepie. Get your Lava Lamp here!
{Thanks to Mike Scarlata for this link.}


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