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Welcome to Sydd's Internet Zoo Aquatics Area. Here you'll (SOON) find a collection of links or pages of links each dedicated to life in an around the water. We're talking blowfish, sharks, suckerfish, carp, sardines, squid, crustaceans, etc. This section is being built right now (blowing up the kiddie pools, buying up the Morton's salt, catching the residents and storing them in bathtubs of friends, etc.). If you'd like to contribute a new page on a particular zone resident, read my miniscular guidelines for pages on this site. Come back soon, these things are changing often.

Fish In General

Something's fishy about this clock but I'm not sure what.
{Thanks to INTERNET underground for this link.}

TEZ's Fish Page
Oohh thank gawd there's no browser add-on for smells. This site has so many fish links you gotta wear a gas mask.

TEZ's Marine Mammal Page
Tired of gills? Check out these swimmers.

Capt'n Mike's Tackle Towne
This page is rife with hooks. I had no idea there were so many. Carefully touch the point of an Owner Cutting Point hook to your thumbnail. Feel the point grab and try to penetrate! Ummmm Nah, thanks anyway, that kinda makes my butt cheeks clench just thinking about it.
UPDATE: This site went 404 on me, out of the blue. They didn't even call. I feel so used.
A multimedia site centering on education about the what & where of the sea around us. They'll focus on such hot issues as an impending tuna crash, red and brown tides, and the cell from hell.

Wm Spear Enamel Pins
A Visitor Review (Two Links In One!): Bill Spear makes enamel pins (I help him with his webpage). His sea creatures are some of his best work--I sent along a picture of a pin I wear--the octupus. Also, check out --the barracuda...and who else has a squid pin? have fun....fletcher
{Thanks to fletcher for providing this link}

Jean-Michel Cousteau's World
Another Visitor Review: This is a site about a coral reef cdrom I produced with Jean-Michel Cousteau on coral reefs. I'm also trying to put up lots of other info on coral reefs, links, etc. - jeff Editor's Note: Thanks Jeff, it looks pretty cool, and surprisingly the site is fast loading (even on my 14,400) for having such vidid and stunning imagery of the reefs. Plus the site's oriented for the standard browser window width, not like all those sites that assume everyone uses FULL SCREEN mode. Nice job. A must see.
{Thanks to Jeff Reynolds for providing this link}

Nova: The Abyss
This is a cool site, all about the odd creatures living near volcanic plumes in the deep area of the Pacific known as the Abyss. Check this little guy out, among others: For its size, the "vampire squid from hell," Vampyroteuthis infernalis, has the largest eyes of any animal. A six-inch specimen bears globular eyeballs the size of a large dog's. Such impressive orbs, coupled with its winglike fins and its ability to turn on and off at will a constellation of photophores -- tiny lights all over its body -- help this dark-bodied beast find prey at the lightless depths at which it lives, more than 3,000 feet down.


Barracuda Security Devices
These guys have a really cool logo and an even cooler image of a barracuda about to bite their product.

Barracuda by Innova Champion Discs
Another great image. I'm not sure what a Champion Disc is but apparently this one's A great long distance roller. Blows my assumption that they were flying discs.
UPDATE: This one came back as "FORBIDDEN" which made me all the more eager to revisit. Alas, it was not to be. If this keeps up I'll have nothing on this page for you to visit.
Anglers beware of the teeth when removing the hook. Good advice to follow in any situation. The barracuda apparently garners a four fish-onna-plate rating - yummy.
UPDATE: Last I checked this site wasn't responding, but give it a go anyway.
CD Romp: Origami Barracuda is all Wright in 3-D
A text-only Detroit News review of The Greatest Paper Airplanes origami CD-ROM.

Tim's '67 Plymouth Barracuda
Always one of my favorite body styles. I don't know why I didn't find more of these out there. Probably are, I just couldn't find them amidst the plethora of complaints about Seagate's 4Gb Barracuda disk drive.
UPDATE: And now there's one less - sheesh.
Barracuda Motor Sports
Ah here's another. A page dedicated to '70 & '71 'Cudas.

For 7.9K you can own this baby. Though they only show the nameplate, which is apparently cool enough to sell the whole vehicle. Well it is a cool moniker.

Ok guess what they're talking about before you hit this page: New for '96 Barracuda (tm) Forged and Machined; The Ultimate Compact Shooting Machine Bet you guessed wrong. It's not something Lew Zealand would use.

Barracuda Bikes
A bunch of mountain bikes. These guys have a cool logo too, but you gotta see it full size to appreciate it.

Metrobeat's review of the NYC nightclub. Look for another, similarly named Batacuda. Don't get them mixed up, take my word for it.

Lyrics to Heart's Barracuda
I sifted through over 100 links before I found this. Not that I was looking for it, but I knew it had to be there. Everything's on the Web.

Hotel Barracuda
Headed to the Med? Check out this 3 star hotel, reviewed in english, german & italian.

"Barracuda" by Bob Abraham
Way cool shot of the real thing. The late Monsieur Cousteau explains: "Aftair Bub shot zees photo, ze preditor attacked heem. Bub escay-ped wiz heez lifeh, but he weel no lungair be abell to 'ave cheeldren. A small priceh to pay for such a tres bon photo, non?"

Barracuda Central
The photo on this page is worth seeing, and this guy's personal page has some links, all unrelated to the fish in question but one. But that one link will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about this beastie of the deep.

Barracuda SST-3
From comes this photo of a submarine.

Episode 4: The Barracuda
Synopsis: July, 2008 A.D. Mankind was facing the fires of annihilation. Super electromagnetic weapons, far more destructive than atomic weapons, caused half the world to be wiped out in an instant. The Earth was seized by great tectonic upheavals. Its axis was tilted. The five continents were ripped completely apart and sank into the sea.

South Andros Island
Gee taken out of context this Bahaman fly fishing guide's claim could be misconstrued as those of either a pimp or a drug dealer: guaranteed* hook ups on "monster" bonefish and barracuda

Octopi & Squid

The Squidpage
Black and blue. A bunch of links to the factual stuff. Don't leave before you use this site to visit Squidly's Reef. I really only included this site for their cool logo & the Squidly link. Some other links there I tried were 404.
{Thanks to Knarf Mit for suggesting this link}

The Cephalopod Page
OK Let's start right off with a bang. This one's the proverbial everything you ever wanted to know about octopi, squid and their ilk but it didn't occurr to you to even think about asking site. You may have visited it from the Squidpage above but I had this here before Knarf suggested the above site so I decided to keep it. Oodles of links. This brings to mind my favorite line from a movie, though the actor's name (he's that standup comic that does the "Stagecoach" bit - help me out here, it's on the tip of my tongue) & the movie escape me right now (hey it's late): Dry hair's for squids.

Juicy Animal Filth Science
The Prairie Squid and other things can be found here. Um, this isn't all for the kiddies, but it has one of my favorite threads in it: The email on the hot-headed ice borer. I saw the article in Discover too, and, though I knew it was in the April issue and the biologist's name was oddly familiar, taken at face value this one scared the heck outta me. It'd make a great movie! Remember the movie about the oversized shrews trapping people on an island? Well anyway.
{Thanks to Knarf Mit for suggesting this link}

You know that recipe for squid nachos that you always make when the guys come over to watch the game? You know, the one you modified from Mom's original Chili con Calamari recipe you had as a kid? The one your wife says you ought to enter into a Betty Crocker cookoff some day? Well send it to these guys - you may win a copy of this four piece Austin Texas surf band's new EP.
Update: This one's gone 404, sorry, no forwarding address.
{Thanks to Knarf Mit for suggesting this link}

Chili Salt Squid
As you go through life, occasionally a sage, wise beyond words or this page, crosses your path and imparts upon you, free of charge and with no cereal boxtop requirement, a puff of lint from the great dust bunny that is the some of all knowledge in the universe, utterly changing your life view and direction for at least the next five minutes. At this site I had such an experience and here's the morsel of truth doled out with a touch of cilantro: Scoring the squid lightly with a knife makes it more tender.
{Thanks to Knarf Mit for suggesting this link}

squid elvis
Not what you expect. Jump into the middle of Lisa Bode's Storyscape in Australia. Oh and Leese? Those buttons on the fourth row on your keyboard that say Shift? There's one at either end. Try pressing those at the same time as other keys and see what happens! It opens up a whole new font I bet you didn't know you had! (No I didn't miss the point, I just wanted to sound that way, so don't get your irate email in a bundle.)
{Thanks to Knarf Mit for suggesting this link}

DCMP Detectors
Ok this one is all text. The words are english but that's all I can tell you about this item. The first sentence can be quite funny if read by the right standup in the right mock sci-fi TV show set. It should be noted that the SQUID in question is a Superconducting QUantum Interference Device. See what I mean about English but not really? One more comment: I believe I saw the dc SQUIDs at a bar the other night. They RULE!
UPDATE: Lost this one too, though you can still peruse the site of the American Physical Society at
{Thanks to Knarf Mit for suggesting this link}

The Unofficial Squid on the Manifold Home Page
It's worth a visit, if only for the auto repair tips. If you ask me, the whole thing is quite ludicrous really. I mean we all know the best auto mechanics are Italian. And who knows the best way to cook calamari? Put two and two together: why would any self respecting squid be caught dead under the hood of any automobile? I mean, get real!
UPDATE: This is a big shame - gone the way of the dodo. It was a nice page too, all about how a guy found an actual squid on his car's manifold.
{Thanks to Knarf Mit for suggesting this link}

In Search of Giant Squid
This is the big one! The Smithsonian's online version of their traveling exhibit. A must see for you 20,000 Leaguers. No, there's no dirt on me in the section entitled "Squid: The Inside Story" as I spell my name S-Y-D-D, no Q. Part of their Ocean Planet Exhibition - plan to spend some time - a good time.


Lairs, Dens, and Oceans
This site actually has a number of links to various sites related to wolves, dolphins, etc. but it's a good start for dolphin links and I needed to get my dolphin section started with something. That, and they have a link back to me... and they did it first... and I have this catholic guilt thing, so...

{Thanks to Leopard Queen for this link}


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