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Welcome to Sydd's Internet Zoo ATM Machine. Here you'll find a collection of links to electronic money on the Internet. Hey you gotta have an ATM Machine at the Zoo don't you? This section is being built right now (installing the hidden cameras to catch nose pickers, designing the easy-to-use-but-that-nobody-understands user interfaces, etc.). If you'd like to contribute a link for this page or even a new page on a particular zoo resident not represented, read my miniscular guidelines for pages on this site. Come back soon, these things are changing often.

Gotta have the biggies who are attempting to establish the de facto standards. Zillions of 'em. Nice "buttons" and uniform layout. So bank-like it's scary. At least there are no pens on chains.

Too hard to count it digitally? Watch it, their main image takes forever at 14,400 (well, ok for some reason I was getting it at a rate of 445 bytes/second - geez!) It's an imagemap. Guys guys guys, how about using the HTML <MAP> tags so we can see when we're over a link area. Sha I should talk: where are all MY imagemaps?

First Virtual
Cool logo. They list merchants to which you can take your FV card because they DON'T take American Express. They have a nice partial site map image map. I really gotta get the wife working on the ZooMap picture.

These guys have more "home of" pages all over the place than I care to count. Are these all their home or do they keep closing up shop and moving to new servers to avoid someone? Hmmm.

Pick a prefix, any prefix. I didn't even have to search for most of these. I just added an appropriate prefix to cash and surfed to and there it was. Ok, so this one I got through a search engine because they hyphenated.

Another cool logo. Guess these banks make enough money to hire the big time graphics designers. Though the big metal plate at the bottom reminds me of my only remaining piece of the '59 Edsel I used to own.

Mark Twain Bank ECash
They have two interesting symbols here and lots of info on how you can turn "money into numbers...". The first symbol appears to prove what I always say, change conducts electricity. Well, OK that's the firet time I said that. The second looks like a really funky road sign.

Michael Peirce's List
... and the rest. I'm giving up after finding this one. It has all of the above (except WebCash & DigiCash... YES! - I emailed him) and more. I'll be visiting some of the sites mentioned on this site and report to you below on notable sites worth visitig for their own sake. I expect a bunch of stuffed shirts befitting the banking industry, so don't turn blue waiting.


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