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Here, dear visitor, find my collection of links loosely related to the porcine family. It is one of a number of pages of animals collectively known as Sydd's Internet Zoo. This page resides in the Petting Zoo area, one of over a dozen areas in the zoo. Come back soon, these things are changing often.

Welcome to my tribute to all things Pig on the Internet. This is a fairly comprehensive list (to date) of references to piggy banks (my initial bent which was less than encouraging as you'll see) and pigs in general. My criteria was simple - hadda be pig. I shyed away from commercial stuff (like Miss Piggy and Porky Pig paraphernalia vendors for the most part) but then I break my own (non-existent) rules on occasion. Enough talking, let's get squealing. My comments are sprinkled throughout. Oh and links I had but seem to no longer be there are marked by the pig button with the universal "no" sign over it. If you find one's back, drop me a line. Sydd

Am I pig enough for you yet?
Valerie Shaff and Roy Blount Jr. have created another classic -- combining incomparable photographs with Blount's brilliant verse to give readers rare insight into the weird world of the denizens of the barnyard.
Plus there's a poetry contest here, check it out!
Pig People 1995 was the Year of the Pig... for me anyway.
UPDATE: This link has gone 404... sorry. Too bad because it described all sorts of things about what 1995 being the Year of the Pig means and the image at left was a shot from the old muppet show Pigs In Space skits. Obviously what garnered it the top spot.
Year of the Pig A somewhat less extensive pig link list
Pigs in Cyberspace - Oleg Vorobieff's Art
MAN! This kid's TALENTED!!! (from whence the backdrop & title came) - Oleg,my curly tail's off to you!
UPDATE: It's Back! The original Lehigh University link disappeared for a time, but helpful visitor Mary B found it again! It's not called P.i.C. anymore, but I still attribute my theft of the original name & backdrop for this page to Peter, Oleg's brother.
Flying Pig Theatre
Sometimes this site's host isn't responding for some reason.UPDATE: This one's gone too. What I did find there in its place is a page called duster.html which features a bloodhound/black lab mix named Duster.
PigWeb PigWeb
PigBoy That's it! Simply, a picture of pigboy.
Studievereniging GEWIS - Clipart Library: unsorted1|pig.gif
Larger version of what you see.
MOVIEWEB: Babe Had to include this pig - I know it's commercial...
Babe Sings
Yes I finally sold out - this is Babe's Jingle Bells in .au format. (61K) [Added 2 July 1996]
Flying Pig Systems
Joke Pig's WWW Oracle Ask the almighty oracle for wisdom
Rainbow Rags Pink Pig Outfit Here's a preview of the HEIGHT of fashion
German Pig Metaphors Vas ist Los? SchweineHund!
Harley Davidson, motorcycle, Pig, sex, BIKE WEEK, Daytona Beach, Florida
A truly bizarre story - don't believe a word!
Flaming Pig Cycle Motorcycle Parts
[Updated 1 Jan 1997]
Ministry's Filth Pig
Don't forget to wear your liver hat.
[Updated 9 Apr 1996]
ACE Project - Pulsearch
"A department engineer designed the tape drive mounting to enable the Geopig to gather data while undergoing acceleration and vibration..." Thank Gawd!
The LINGUIST Gratuitous Pig
This world needs a little free porking now and again.
Shirt & Tie Museum: Animal Magnetism Part I
Cool ties - any would easily win Tie Wars! I'm holding out for the "Pigs Playing Poker" tie to match the artwork in my study. UPDATE: Can't find these guys anywhere now - good thing I saved the tie.
PiGMaP Home Page
Ok, Seriously now: We're talking Science here. I MEAN it! Shut Up you guys! Hey!, Who made the underleg noise? Quit it you guys...
The Blind Pig Pub COOL Page
Pigs are either Blind, Flaming or flying in these links. What's the deal?
The Official Dead Pig Web Page
Well jeez, it's not like I said I LOVE them!
PIG Yes, it's the band's homepage just like you guessed.
[Updated 20 Sep 1997]
Blind Pig Records
It's Back! (thanks to K)The record company not the, uh, oh, nevermind... Lots of stuff here, including CD samplers. Hmmm, Blind Pig Sampler: sort of sounds like a Web-based Sizzler menu...

Pig Pig's Home Page
Quite frankly, a larger version of the pig-onna-pot above is the best reason to visit. Still, I couldn't resist. Besides, you're surfing to Hong Kong!
UPDATE: This one wasn't there last time I tried.
I can say no more about the link that follows other than this:
Pig Decoy Carving
My favorite? Don't make me choose!
Steve's Home Page Dunno why, but they have a related poster here.
Hey this page is FULL of culture. It's just OOOzing culture.
Dr. Sue's Pig Fun Page (Davis Virtual Market) 9/3/95
"The Javan pig was thought to be extinct until a few were found."
Of course now they're rife on the web. Even SyddWare's Pigs page has fallen victim with a Java border pig tickertape that's annoying as all getout. UPDATE: Dr. Sue moved but I found her again. Oh and I finally got too annoyed at that Java border thing on this page...
WWW Virtual Library - Livestock Section (Swine)
Meet the Pork Producer Challenge
Pig Stomper's Sty Pilots who are Pigs
Tom's Pig at the Greasy Monkey
Pig Poetry (written by or about, you decide) UPDATE: They moved but I tracked them down! You can run...
Need a pic of a specific type of pig? Your quest is at an end.
Timon's Drag Song From Lion King - in .wav format (215K)
OK Here's a sqealer of my own (9K)
ftp download.
And some of his friends (19K)
ftp download.
Cyber Sty
Audio Satire from KPIG Radio Station in Various formats. Also available: KPIG live! A MUST, uh HEAR!

Daniel Kramer's Home Page --- Project: Misc. Pig Dances: MPEG Video Here!!!

A shameless plug for a page I'm hosting for some friends.
The Bible in Pig Latin
Gee now I feel better that this page wasn't such a waste of time.
Acme Pet's Pot Bellied Pig Directory - Your guide to Pets on the Internet!
And you needed such a guide didn't you. Checkout "Piglet Care"
HOW-TO VIDEOS For purchase, not download: Piggy Banks to Money Markets
Gifts For Kids OK now we get into the piggy banks section
GiftsToGo 1-888-PIGGIES
Description of Book Collector's Book On Piggy Banks
Hamm I know, I know. But hey, He's a piggy bank!
Tigger's Children's PC Shareware Ms. Piggy Bank Shareware Program - try it.
UPDATE: They moved but could not hide from me.
The Piggy Bank Dilemma
UPDATE: I don't even remember what this page was about when I originally linked to it, but now that page is gone and family.com lives on. Upon revisit I decided to keep a link as it's a very worthwhile site.

CAMRA East London & City Branch
Campaign for Real Ale - Pig's Ear Beer Festival - MY KIND OF PEOPLE
UPDATE: Another moved but found. Gonna shorten it from here on out to be U: MBF
Why Cats Paint
This intrigued me - Museum of Non-Primate Art -- original link had cat's painting of a pig - changes daily
Hog Leg Comics
Choose your old guy wisely. (Last time I went here it took a while - very graphics intensive)
[Updated 22 Apr 1996]
El Phontobulo and the StarGoat MindSpree
Screams of the Mind Pig. Complete text of Ambrose Bierce's Devil's Dictionary can be found here! My Hork page is humbled.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland -- Chapter VI
Pig & Pepper - Serious literature now... EVERYBODY!!! Quiet Down! Hey I mean it!
techno-saar.de - People: DJ Pig
Danish page I think - it's a starting point - surfest thou
The visual pig Pics from PIGFACE - the band
Had to include a SPAM link - OK so it's obscure - Point ANY search engine toward SPAM and you'll get your fill.... Or click the can and go to a self proclaimed "Best" page. Yeah, well, can anything really be called best when you're talking about SPAM?
The Pig Page Part Two (TPPPT)
OK well it's cute little guinea pigs - say Awwwwww
The Capitalist Pig -- Gourmet Coffee
From that hotbed of coffee production: St Louis
Pit Cooking For those who love pigs in a different way
Hogs Today Agriculture Today U: MBF
The OutPost Network - Pig Pile
The Pig Pile is a highly effective and fun way to help special people get what they deserve -- a HUGE pile of mail. Vengeance is webbed, sayeth the Outpost.
Deeper (a band) - Porky Pig People Audio Here
History of the Norris Pig Dinner U: MBF
ARTIFICIA - Funny Bites! As in Sound Bites - Good luck reading it once the backdrop loads.
Audio Samples - I'm a Pig RealAudio Logo
Seasonal effects on fertility in gilts and sows. FYI - Information YOU NEED
Steve Chui's Homepage It OK. It Hawaiian.
(Update: Steve's Discovered Forms & Backgrounds!) [Updated 22 Apr 1996]
[Gone 15 Sep 1996]

PRDC RESEARCH SUMMARIES As in Pig Research & Development Corp. [Gone 18 Jan 97]
Pig's Eye Pilsner Page Yet another of MY KIND OF PAGE [Gone 18 Jan 97]
Yellow Pig Gallery [Gone 18 Jan 97]
Computer Telephony Expo
The Web In Pig Latin Convert Your Homepage To Pig Latin!
{Thanks to The Internet Underground for this link}
A Pig That Never Went to Market
{Thanks to Pam Meadows for this link}[Added 15 Apr 1996]
The P.I.G.S. Pig of the Month
{Thanks to Jeff Malone for this link}[Updated 18 Jan 1997]
Pigs Feet Recipes
Got a fave feet fix? Send it in!
{Thanks to AbeDogg for this link}[Added 26 Apr 1996]
Orlandi Statuary
Get your own LIFESIZE Flying Pig!
{Thanks to Gloria Orlandi for this link}[Added 1 May 1996]
suede - we are the pigs
Yes but are you as good with barbeque sauce?
[Added 12 May 1996]
Here is the PIG
Ohhhhhh I was JUST this second wondering...
[Added 12 May 1996]
Nine Inch Nails March Of The Pigs
CD cut list - tip of an iceberg here...
[Added 12 May 1996]
[Gone 15 Sep 1996]

Cybergrrl's Pig page
Well, she's somebody and I'm not so... She used to have a page of pig related links but now the site's gone way commercial. Still, more than worth the visit to this women-oriented site.
[Updated 10 Apr 1997]
Flying Pig Graphics
Cool logo. I guess I can help Dr. Ozone attain that "10 times" links boast.
[Added 12 May 1996]
[Gone 15 Sep 1996]

Blame it on the Ducks and Pigs
Hey! That's exactly why mine are all toys. It's like I always say: The duck starts. Fear!
[Added 12 May 1996]
Thomas Pynchon "Gravity's Rainbow"
You'll never go wrong with a pig, a pig, You'll never go wrong with a pig!
[Added 12 May 1996]
(musical break-down with snorting)
[Added 12 May 1996]
Mr. Pig
Mr. Pig's keeper needs a life almost as much as I do.
[Added 12 May 1996]
Enjoy Pigging
Includes a link to an X Window PIG Playing Gateway!
[Added 12 May 1996]
How much do pigs know about geometry?
[Added 12 May 1996]
TEZ's Pig Page
Comprehensive Pig Facts Page.
[Added 3 June 1996]
Pigs with Wings
The late Frank Zappa's Civilization, Phaze III albumn.
[Added 13 July 1996]
PIG Clickable USDA Linkage Map
I was just awed by this. It just goes to show, everything is on the web. Click on a chromosome.
[Added 13 July 1996]
Ok I was just thinking about weapons that shoot paint pellets... and pigs, of course. This site combines both. Well not so much pig...
{Thanks to INTERNET underground for this link}
[Added 16 July 1996]
Nissan College Graduate Financing Project
This one has a piggy bank on automobile tires. I just stumbled upon it. Checkout the rest of the Nissan site as well. Now if I could only figure out a way to get them to pay me for having said that.
[Added 5 August 1996]
Bacon Worship
Lots of links related to bacon, some to pigs in general. Ok right now, I'm imagining the shrine this guy as built somewhere in his home. Ok now I'm off to do some worshipping of my own... of the porcelain god...
{Thanks to TipWorld for this link}
[Added 20 August 1996]
Muriel's Traveling Petting Zoo
Do you live in Oregon and some days you just have a hankerin' to pet a farm animal? Well let the farm come to you! See Wilbur, the Flying Pote Bellied Pig.
[Added 30 August 1996]
Butaman Internet
Oodles of Miss Piggy-like images on this Japanese Internet Service Provider's homepage. As Fumito Miyakawa put it in his email to me, "BUTA,meaning is pigs". Unfortunately my browser isn't configured to handle the text. Here's hoping these guys setup an english set. It looks to be very professionally done.
[Added 2 September 1996]
Clip and Save!
This is my favorite coupon from an ad for the Animal Authority Your Neighborhood Pet Specialist. Just make sure if you got the left one on your first visit, that you get the right one the next time you're there. Then you'll be well on your way to assembling your own pig. I took the snap with my Color QuickCam. Ok so it wasn't on the web before, but it is now!
[Added 15 September 1996]
Flying Pig Awards
This award is geared toward recognizing photojournalists who are forced to make their living making the uninspiring inspiring. They occasionally do. This one has a great nasty logo.
{Thanks to The Net for this link}
[Added 16 September 1996]
Piggy Bank World
Everything Must Go! We're liquidating our extensive piggy bank stock so that the CEO, let's call her honey, wants her garage, er the warehouse is overstocked!
{Thanks to Alec Pridgen for this link}
[Added 22 October 1996]
Piggy's Club
This is an email message I received from Bobby Piggy in Columbia which I post here as a public service. If you too consider yourself a pig-in-kind, respond to him.
{Thanks to MR. ROBERT PIGGY for this message.}
[Added 30 December 1996]
Pig Snout Mugs
Yes you've sought high and low but all for naught... until now. Get that essential corporate look while you down the last of a power cup o' joe. Oh and follow the link at the bottom to still more merchandise.
{Thanks to Joseph Augis for this message and to K for the update.}
[Added 4 Feb 1997 Updated 9 Feb 1999]
Pigs & Pearls and Udder Things
For that gotta have it piggie jewelry buff, this site will deck you out in full regalia. Check out the hoof print face tattoos and mud pack for that cool 'just outta the wallow' look (just kidding).
{Thanks to Betty Weiss for this link.}
[Added 12 Mar 1997][Updated 10 Dec 2000][Found 404 13 Jan 2002]
Laura's got a nice little homepage here. Checkout the link she provides to Potbellied Pig Gifts, a must see.
{Thanks to Laura for this link.}
[Added 10 Apr 1997]
Ever Gone "Pig Fishing"?
This is one nasty story, in a funny sort of way. I wonder what kind of lure you use for one of those. Note: click the button for a frames version, the text for a non-frames version.
{Thanks to B Thomas for this link.}
[Added 9 May 1997]
World of Whimsical Pins and Earrings
Here's an AOL based entrepreneur, Lyante, selling jewelry.
{Thanks to Lynn McCleery for this link.}
[Added 11 May 1997]
Pass The Pigs
This is a great Java game that simply must not be missed. I got an 83 against the computer's 34 the first time I played. Never did as well again. Those durned pig outs! This is fast loading and fast playing, even for my 14,400 modem. And it even includes sound effects!
{Thanks to Xina for this link.}
[Added 22 Jul 1997]
YES! Pigs Can Fly
This is a vendor of rubber stamps with some quite unique stamps full of verve. Of course you an I already knew that their claim is true.
{Thanks to Christina Gibbs for this link.}
[Added 22 Jul 1997]
The Flying Pigs
This review was virtually written by this site's purveyors: I couldn't come up with anything funnier: Oink! Oink! To War! Stirring battle cry, makes me want to go out and kill... a plate of ribs! We Snort. We Growl. We shoot you down and blow you up. Bet that one has you intrigued enough to visit & find out what it's all about, eh?
{Thanks to Bill Kegel for this link.}
[Added 29 Jul 1997]
The Jinglebellies Christmas Albumn
What can be better than Christmas songs sung by potbellied pigs? Well, Ok I can think of a lot of things, but I'm an imaginative guy. But this rates right up there. Just after Christmas in July and in plenty of time for real Christmas, get yerz here.
{Thanks to Bobby Breaux for this link.}
[Added 1 Aug 1997]
Red Rose Collection
What Can A Pig Offer? Lots of joy, thats what! So says this catalog about their "Angel Pig with Joy Stone" which can be yours for a mere 30 bucks. They also have two different flying pigs here. It's an online shopping basket thing so when you get to the link, click enter our store then go to the Home Decor section and you'll "find their swine."

[Added 7 Aug 1997]
I've been receiving a lot of links to pages about pot bellied pigs lately. This one is about pig sanctuaries offering pigs to good homes. Read about how one species was saved form extinction. But watch out, there's a pig on this site wearing X-Ray glasses and he can see right through your clothes!
{Thanks to Deb Butler for this link.}
[Added 20 Aug 1997]
Piggio's Page
Xina says of this site: Piggio is a pig with a home page of its own! See the family pictures, read the life story, sign the petition to run for President. :-) If I may add: Ya gotta just love this little face. A true pink pig -- see Piggio fly -- read about how Piggio got spewed upon.
{Thanks to Xina for this link.}
[Added 20 Aug 1997]
Wild Pig Studio
This is a web design studio (yep, Sydd's including a link to the competition - how noble) with some fun stuff too, including a Hypercard Game for you Macnatics, an origami wild pig (under construction at press time) and some wild pig facts. Here's a sample that, quite coincidentally, is how some people used to describe me in college: Their eyesight is poor, but they have acute smell and hearing. I got better.
{Thanks to Jim Marshall for this link.}
[Added 4 Oct 1997]
Hog Heaven Saloon
A visitor suggests you visit this site: This site is a "cheers" type cyber saloon, a group of friends that somehow (no one remembers how) began calling themselves pigs and goats, that evolved into pigs and pigettes. Again no one recalls how. If you follow the links I think you will find plenty of pig/hog/pigette humor as well as a great group of people to chat with. Editor's Note: You GOTTA checkout Cleo-pig-tra.
{Thanks to Tessa Madden for this link.}
[Added 23 Oct 1997]
Wicker Pig
Rockin Celtic. This is the homepage of a band out of Seattle not playing the kind of music you've come to expect from Seattle. This site has play dates and sound bites, a green pipe smoking swine, a tumbling clover and a funky font logo.
{Thanks to Christian Hoffman for this link.}
[Added 2 Nov 1997]
Ok I'm linking to this one based upon the submission request only: Visite nuestra WEB http://www.iberico.com The site's from Spain and is all in spanish (I'm guessing here). Would one of you who is bilingual out there please review the site and let me know if it's worth visiting or if I just linked to a baby white seal clubbing site? TIA
{Thanks to Gregorio Hernández Silva for this link.}
[Added 17 Jan 98]
Virtual Livestock Judging Contest
This one gets a mention for two reasons: 1) it's based at swine.net, yes, the ISP for the wallowing set (oh wait, they're NOT an ISP... then why the .net on the end of their domain?) and b) this contest is an idea whose time has come! There was supposed to have been a trial run in Dec '97 with the contest actually running starting Jan 13 '98, but the pages read like they were written two months ago. You'd think there would be an update by now.
{Thanks to dwcox@swine.net for this link.}
[Added 17 Jan 98]
A trivia contest that's been going on quite some time at 90FM WWSP, the official station of the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point. Next game is in April '98. I'm not sure what pigs have to do with it, maybe something to do with the station or school mascot? Cool tees (each year's contest has a theme slogan which the tees reflect), well worth a look.
{Thanks to David Coulthurst for this link.}
[Added 18 Jan 98]
New Pig
Got a leaky pig? This site is your one-stop source for PIG® Leak and Spill Absorbent Products. Ok I'm lying, it's not for leaky pigs, its for cleaning up your workplace. They have a custom tailored PIG® Absorbent Selection Guide that will give you a recommendation of their products to suit your specific needs. Who could ask for more? I mean real-... oh damn! there goes my beer. New Pig! Help! I poke fun, but I was actually quite impressed by their Safety-Kleen Absorbent Recycling Program. They go that extra mile and help you dispose of their products once soaked, a step other companies may leave out.
{Thanks to Brian J. Cohen for this link.}
[Added 3 Sep 98]
¡Hola! Ñaño
I linked to this site solely on the asis of the email request I received:
Subject: Link pleas
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 11:59:34 +0900
From: "HN" <nefer@excite.co.jp>
To: info@syddware.com
Hello! My name is Nao Harada.I'm Japaneas. Sorry.If you hard to read. I can't English verry well. By the wey.I'm surprised. What a wonderful your homepage is. Pleas introdues about your "PIGSIN(Cyber)SPACE" in my homepage.URL is http://www.d1.dion.ne.jp/‾hola/index.html But Japaneas only. Thank you to read.
Nao Harada
◆◇Get! Excitemail!! http://mail.excite.co.jp◇◆

[Added 13 Oct 98]
Pig Lit 101
Someone recently asked me to send them some pig poetry, so I went hunting. Below are the results of a very cursory search. For more, just go to your fave search engine and key in pig poetry. Enjoy.
Well, not exactly...
Quite hostile, but SyddWare is an EOPL: Equal Opportunity Poetry Linker
Not really about pigs, but there's a connection there somewhere
A book recommendation
Not only must that hurt, but it sounds messy
Greeting cards are poetry too, aren't they?
Another porcine coiffure dilemma
Freddy's a pig and his author has no end of stories about him
[Added 9 Feb 99]
Carolyn's Pig Page
This person said their homepage, and their life, was basically pigs. I was gonna say "get a life" but then I maintain this page so I'll instead take heed of my own advice. A shiny happy pig page that took a bit of time to load for some reason.
{Thanks to Carolyn for this link.}
[Added 9 Feb 99]
Duke U
"Hi, I'm Mr. Piggy! Welcome to Duke!" Makes me want to attend Mr. Piggy's Virtual Tour of Duke University. All I can say about our tour guide is this: delicious.
{Thanks to Clem for this link.}
[Added 9 Feb 99]
Buta's Home Page
Buta's one well traveled porker. He claims that Shitamachi, Tokyo beer gets better the more you drink it. Well that remains to be seen, or tasted. I take that as a personal challenge (as I do any other mentions of beer tasting) to either affirm or deny this brash claim by a young porcine world journeyman.
{Thanks to Buta for this link.}
[Added 9 Feb 99]
From Joerg: Hello from Germany ! The link I just posted you is my very first effort to establish a homepage for german piglovers. You´ll find the page difficult to read, but there´s an english version coming soon. As I´m not experienced with html yet I used Frontpage to build it (hmmm...) please tell me what you think about it. Hey...and there are some videos for download, but they are from a huge german pig-farm, showing the birth of a piglet. If you have the time, please download them and tell me what you think of it.... The birth of a piglet on film on the world wide web! Yes day or night, you can find it on the internet.
{Thanks to Joerg Kipka for this link.}
[Added 9 Feb 99]
Everything Pig
I'm pissed at Allie for making me spend so much time perusing this wonderful site that I didn't get as much done as I'd wanted to today. Don't get trapped like I did! Stay away from the Pigericks (pig limericks), avoid the "How to say Pig in many Languages" page (my favorite was semaphore, I'll use that every day now), and the Pig Breeds, History, Famous pigs, etymology, books, quotes, terms and links pages. Save yourself!
{Thanks to Allison for this link.}
[Added 9 Feb 99]
The Joy of Pigs
Information on this PBS special is found here. Loks like we missed the repeat showing at the beginning of the year, but keep checking back, they've got to repeat it again. Of course we don't get WNET here in Baltimore, but maybe it'll show up on one of the local stations soon. I only hope it's not a show along the same lines as "The Joy of Cooking". Wait, actually that wouldn't be bad either. Now I'm getting hungry....
{Thanks to K for this link.}
[Added 9 Feb 99]
Luther Writes: What are TabPigs you ask? We are a bunch of idiot guitar players who met through the unofficial Leo Kottke website. We're all fans of Leo's music and are interested in creating tablature (written form of guitar sheet music). "We're pigs for the stuff" and therefore became the TabPigs. We have a web page where interested parties can download copies of tab(lature) we've created. Leo doesn't mind us sharing amateur tab on the net as long as no one makes money off of it and we don't. Strictly non-commercial. There you will find tabs, a tunings database, some photos, and some generally humorous stuff. You'll see that we don't take ourselves very seriously. We have members all over the U.S including one in Toronto, a couple in the U.K., Germany, and Australia/New Zealand.
{Thanks to Luther for this link.}
[Added 5 Jun 99]
Screensaver: The Floydian Slip(tm)
It's been a while since I posted things here, and a recent request from Larry in Johnstown Ohio sent me on another quest for pig related screensavers. Last time I looked there weren't any to be found. This time I found a few. First case in point: this screen saver is Flash based and pretty neat from Capitol Records for Pink Floyd Fans.

[Added 11 Apr 02]
Screensaver: ScreensaverShot.com
This site is FULL of screensavers of all types. This link gets you to page 5 of the movies category, at the bottom of which is one for Babe Pig in the City. But there are probably others related to pigs as well as anything else you'd like. Don't like those? Try screensaverjapan.com or screensavermexico.com. Still not happy? Ok then go back to screensavershot.com and download a program you can use to make your own screensaver. Still not happy? Read on...

[Added 11 Apr 02]
Screensaver: Top Themes
This site related to ScreensaverShot.com, but delas in themes. This link gets you to page 4 of the movies category, somewhere within which is a Babe Pig in the City theme. I didn't stick around too long on this site (and they automatically and annoyingly sent my browser back to their home page if I waited too long on any given page) but if these are themes in the Windows PC sense then these are packages of mouse cursors, sound effects, backdrops and a screensaver to deck your whole computing experience out in the theme of your choice.

[Added 11 Apr 02]
Screensaver: Ultimate Savers
Another site FULL of screensavers of all types. This link gets you to one of half a dozen cartoon-style pig screen savers: a Pig Attorney (sounds redundant). I also saw a section on farm animals, and some other interesting categories so go take a look around a while.

[Added 11 Apr 02]
Screensaver: ScreenSaver Gallery
YASFOSS: Yet Another site FULL of screensavers. This link gets you to a cartoon-style pig biker screen saver, possibly the same as one on ScreenSaver.com, but I'll ley you answer that question.

[Added 11 Apr 02]
Screensaver: AAAScreenSavers.com
Oh now this one assumes the web is organized like a phone book and when people go to the "screensavers" section theirs will be the top link. Yesssss! What didn't we think of that before? It's GENIUS! These folks also have a program you can download and use to make your own. Ooh they have both a standard and a professional version but you can try it free for 60 days.

[Added 11 Apr 02]
Screensaver: ScreenSaver Gallery
YASFOSS: Yet Another site FULL of screensavers. This link gets you to a cartoon-style pig biker screen saver, possibly the same as one on ScreenSaver.com, but I'll ley you answer that question.

[Added 11 Apr 02]

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