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Welcome to Sydd's Internet Zoo Arctic Circle. Here you'll (SOON) find a collection of links or pages of links each dedicated to life above & below the Arctic and Antarctic circles. We're talking penguins and walruses (walri?) and polar bears and Liona Helmsley etc. here. This section is being built right now (getting surplus fridges from the military & downtown pawn shops, lining up loaner snow making machines from local ski areas during off season, etc.). If you'd like to contribute a link, or even a new page on a particular resident, read my miniscular guidelines for pages on this site. Come back soon, these things are changing often.

Penguins (yeah I know, penguins are Antarctic)

Penguin Books Ltd.
Those book people.
{Thanks to INTERNET underground for this link.}

The Penguin Page
Complete information on this flightless waterfowl.
{Thanks to INTERNET underground for this link.}

The Great Penguin Count on Gabo Island
Lynn Salmon provides this very long account of her adventures counting Little Penguins.

Penguin Adaptation
There are more references to penguins at this site than on this page. Checkout the satellite images of ice cover of Antarctica. This is a very educational site that I had to pull myself away from before it got too late. I'll be back. You should plan some time -- it'll be well worth it.

Be A Penguin at the New England Aquarium
Live WAYYY south, have wings but not be able to fly, be hunted by sea lions. This is the life! Actually the New England Aquarium's entire site is well worth a long visit, so pull up a bucket of chum and tread water a while.

Da Penguin's Link Page
There are a few links about penguins plus many other things on this guy's page. Make sure you follow the link to Wallace & Gromit's page.

Adélie Penguin Monitoring Program
This seemed a bit dry for all but the serious researcher, though quite well done with fine related graphics. It wasn't until I got to the APMS section that I had to laugh. I was just asking my wife if the world could use one of these the other day, and darn it if the Australian government hasn't beaten me to the punch. Doh! Oh well, at least now the big mystery in my life surrounding the word creche is solved.

Polar Bears

Polar Bears
Hold onto your download, this baby's a 1280x728 snap that's as long as it's URL. Cool though. Lopp off the filename and hunt through their other pix. There's another polar bear image here and a bunch of penguins. Oh an a whole lot of other animals -- I just mentioned those that are appropos of this page.


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