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Welcome to Sydd's Internet Zoo Down Under. Here you'll find a collection of links dedicated to life down under. We're talking kiwi birds and tasmanian devils and kangaroos here. This section is being built right now (I'm really getting sick of eucalyptus, Man! do dingoes stink! Anyone know what kangaroos eat? etc.). If you'd like to contribute a link to an existing page or a whole new page on a particular area resident, read my miniscular guidelines for pages on this site. Come back soon, these things are changing often.


Exercise Kangaroo 95
This is cool. It's anb account of wargame exercises recently performed by the Australian Defense Department.

Brags about being the best chat program & most popular. Anyone ever heard of it?
{Thanks to INTERNET underground for this link.}
Programming with RPC
O'Reilly & Associates' book which features a kangaroo on its cover. These guys have some very useful books. I own over a dozen of their titles. You can register with them vial snail mail once then order online securely. The image above is a tarsier from their book on vi.

Kangaroo Island
Pssst. Hey Buddy... Yeah you... c'mere a minnit, I got sumpin ta show yuz. Ya wanna buy an island? Dat's right, I said an island. I got one right heeya. Well it ain't right heeya, it's in Hervey Bay in NE Australyuz... Hey where ya goin? Come back! Dis is legit I tell ya! All on the up and up...

A tavern in Quebec - lots of links, games, music, etc. Web page includes a coupon for a bière pression (us aficionados can spot a free beer in any language). Of course you have to take it there to redeem it after downloading & printing it. Oh wait, it expired 15 Juin 1996 Doh!

Kangaroo Inc.
OK this is a commercial site so go there, checkout their cool logo then get back here fast. Oh they have a ticker tape like thing there too that you'd think is Java but it's just an animated gif. Nice idea, actually.

Kangaroo Cocktail
OK I'm gonna give it away: the two drinks listed under this name are made with Vodka & Vermouth. I really only included this because I liked the corkscrew image. Looks like every mixed drink imaginable is listed at this site. I wouldn't know, I'm just a sloshbuckler.

Adam Was A Kangaroo
Austrian Funk & Soul band homepage. Lots of moving stuff here. Frames, tickers, rotating things & audio from Vienna. Bookmark this page for examples of how to do things like MARQUEE & BGSOUND HTML tag extensions.

Kangaroo Images
Either this guy originated these and every one else appropriated them or vice versa. Or none of the above.

Kengurus Verden
The Norwegian Kangaroo. Cool backdrop & title image. Not much else, but you surf to Norway to see them.


Coming soon

Tasmanian Devil's Archive T page
This nasty looking guy is not at all like the one tearing up the office on my mouse pad.

Doc Savage's World
Come on visiting the site dedicated to... Doc Savage's World includes pages dedicated to the Tasmanian Devil (the cartoon character not the real thing - but he has TAZ speaking french here), Stewart Copeland, Prefab Sprout, Basia, a page of MIDI files PLUS test your skills with Doc Savage's Mind Teaser.

The Daily .WAV
It's time once again to play Find The Connection. I found this whilest on my tasmanian devil search and, yes, there's a TAZ wav file here. Here's the review of the site I sent to The Net 22 Sep 96: You have this expensive computer with a fancy sound card. It has the capability of playing a sound effect with virtually every keystroke, but you've got it just dinging and monkey screeching boringly. Not anymore. Visit The Daily .WAV and fill your hard disk to capacity with choice nuggets from characters such as Seinfeld's Soup Nazi "No soup for You!", every cartoon character you've ever heard, every famous line from every movie. You name it, you can find it. And if you can't, they take requests.


All the links that were here went 404, the way of the do-do...

Bandicoot's Archive Y page
The Yallaria is the closest I could come to finding an actual photo.

Upper Beaconsfield
... well until I found the Long-Nosed Bandicoot here. This is a very well done site. It gave me a few ideas about implementation that they actually didn't do but that I will do in future. Yeah that makes sense, Sydd.

Tasmanian Mammal Information
Checkout the sightings and predicted maps. Pretty cool images. Click on the animal names (the ones that are links obviously) for pencil sketches.

The Bandicoot Outback
Begin reading this and you are instantly tempted to ready an email message to the creator with all your spelling and grammar corrections. Don't send too soon, read on.

Drover's Dream
From songNet comes this offering. There's a QuickTime .mov here that my machine refuses to play. Don't worry, it's not a problem with this site, just with my machine.

Across Australia by Volkswagen
Gopher to an interesting story. Quite colorful description of a bandicoot in one paragraph. Which is longer, the story or the URL to see it?

Ranger Rick Index
Haw-wall Right! An index for all my back issues of Ranger Rick! They actually covered bandicoots in two separate issues in '90. I remember those issues. Thanks to the National Wildlife Federation for this important resource.

Canberra Suburbs Commemorating Aboriginals
Well when I got here I got so involved looking at the aboriginal words I almost forgot to find the bandicoot reference on this page from a school in, hold on to your hat, Australia. Checkout all the words they have for star & moon. Never actually found bandicoot but I spent so much time here I thought it worth a look. Ok maybe I'm just a word freak and you should move on to the next link now.

Kamilaroi/Gamilaraay Dictionary
OK, so, there are more words here. Bet you thought you knew what a guru was didn't you...

The Nanoworld Image Gallery
So you have this cool powerful microscope, a web page, and a lot of free time. What to do? What to do indeed! Prepare to spend a lot of time looking at stuff really close up. Try your hand at the Mystery Image. And check out the snail sperm before you leave.


Cybergrrl's Pigs, Koalas & Penguins Page

The Koala Page
A couple of b/w images, a few facts. Gotta snag me a copy of Simon Hunter's Koala Handbook. It's pocket sized, so that if you're in the outback, and, say, this nasty band of marauding koalas start attacking your billabong, we-he-hell you can just whip that baby out and use the information therein to eucalyptus your way out of it.

Koala TV
Featuring "blinky" (well that's what I call him) the horrendously ugly line drawing logo mascot.

The KOALA Project
Guess I'm gonna have to setup a page dedicated to animal names that are acronyms for things that have absoutely nothing to do with that animal. This one's french.

Koala Trouble
This is a nice interactive site for kids. Mine are all sleeping now so I have to come back to it. But I've spent too much time there already. Don't get sucked into its mesmerizing stories and elegant graphics.

Koala's Favoured Links
This webmaster borrows from the Windows 95 leit motif for his entire organization, complete with "start" button. Nice idea and lends itself well to the content. If it weren't for the fact that I was bored with this look after the first week of having W95 on my system, I'd have stayed longer. I don't need to surf to Germany to see it. I moved on to außerdem. But don't let that stop you - lemme know what you find.

Koala Beret
With just a few skeins of Berroco's KOALA Chenille you too can make your own Koala Beret with this text-only, uh, recipe? This appears to be written in the English language but I can't make heads or tails of it. But then again I bet that's what others say when I start geekin' on computers, so...

Cohunu Koala Park
This tourist site is so cheesy it reaks! Think of the worst touristy things you can do in Western Australia in a Koala park. That's right! It's all here!

Little Koala Mother & Baby Supplies
Nice little site for a mailorder catalog. I like their simple logo. Though it meets my image size requirements for inclusion here, it's much better in it's own environment. Lots of breastfeeding links -- something I don't believe I've come across before now.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
I figured with an extension like .net this'd be an ISP but it's not. Multilingual site for this "international tourist attraction" (that description gets second but equal billing to "World's largest koala sanctuary"). There's something unsavory about belonging to the Koala Klub. Bunch of images, a Koala beauty contest, and even a virtual (slide show) tour.

Koala Treats
A candy maker in, of all places, Australia. Well I guess you gotta be near your main source of ingredients, and koalas ARE native to Australia, so... I'd imagine they all taste like eucalyptus though. (It's just a joke.) Free sample with every order! So let me get this straight: I have to ORDER something to get a sample to see if I like it? Nice logo deckel.


Rants Of The Agitated Wombat
The flies will return in greater numbers than before. This and other tidbits of, uh, nuggets of, uh, word groupings await you.

Second-generation Wombat robot technology You know, 'cause that first generation Wombat robot technology was so crude.

Earl the Wombat
After Earl is done tutoring the students, he wanders down to the commisary and replaces the raisins in the Cinnamon Bread with some of his own. What Fun! Everyone should have a marsupial wandering their halls.

Wombat on the Web
We Like To Use Big Capital Letters.

The Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat
It's official, I'm convinced that every nickname I had in college is now the title of a web page. Here's another!

Children's Pages at WombatNet
Checkout the Tasmanian wombat sightings image. Bunch of kids links here too - I spent too much time at this site.

Welcome to Wombat
I had to go to Japan to see the first non-cartoon image of a wombat. There are a bunch of links to other wombat pages (I didn't even want to try the one called There's A Wombat In My Bed), stuff on comets and more.

A Wombat's Homepage
The images of the wombats on this page scared me, scared me to the bone. Especially the last one [shudder]. Don't make me look at them again, please. Send them back to Caddyshack from whence they came.

Well it makes sense that this spells out some phrase, as in SNAFU.

Wombat Classics Page
Ever wonder what Lady Godiva's horse was named?

Wombat Rafting & Ale Society, Ltd.
I never delved deep enough into this site to find out just how many wombats it takes to make a decent whitewater raft. But then, I kept longingly gazing at the word Ale which kept distracting me. No wombats here, just "stinky".


Well, uh, I'm kind of speechless about this one because it's kind of content-less. One Scott Lamshed of Goanna.Com asked me to link to their page, but aside from the black & white drawing of a Goanna, I don't find much else here. Keep visiting, folks, as will I, and maybe they'll actually place some content here more worth visiting than their "link randomiser" which serves you 7 of 50 links every time you load it. Well, there's your link Scott, get back to me when there's something there to visit.'s Archive G page
I tossed this in here as a start. There's a color shot of a goanna (I hear they're tasty!) and some facts.

Coming soon


KIWI d page
A resident of Auckland, New Zealand provides us with some snaps and facts on this mysterious bird (not the fruit, the car, the breakfast cereal, the naugahyde color, the toothpaste, the posterboard manufacturer or the internet service provider).
{Thanks to David for this link.}

Coming soon

Pygmy Possum

Marg's Homepage
She's more interested in discovering a new bat species than in these cute little possums, but she also has the first color photo of these rare endangered beasties (hey, there's a bandicoot right next to it too).

The Impact of Global Warming:
If you'd been wondering about the impact of Global Warming on the Mountain Pygmy-possum, Burramys parvus, check out these charts, maps and a black & white fuzzy photo. C'mon, admit it, you asked yourself this very same question just a few minutes ago - that's why you've come to me to help you get answers.

The Environment Centre of Western Australia has another color photo of one of these beasties. Find out about some easy things you can do to make a contribution towards a cleaner environment. No, not just the Western Austrailia environment.

Numbat's Archive N page
You're just dying to see what this lesser known cousin of the wombat that actually has no nerves in its entire body. Ok I'm lying about the nerves part. Isn't every baseball bat a numbat if it hits your head in just the right spot? (I got a million of 'em.)

Numbat Inc.
Although currently a non-profit organization, Numbat Incorporated and its subsidaries are working steadily towards making Numbat Incorporated a fully functional corporation for the next century. Translation: We haven't yet found anyone willing to pay us for our work. I belong to the same club guys.

Edward's Place
Read all about permaculture and Local Exchange Trading Systems. This is a very "green" page (i.e. environmentally consciousness from Australia).

The Barnyard Animals Guild
These animals work together to keep livestock free from evil.

Spermatology Homepage
The logo is to be seen. We're talking a giant sperm encircling Australia. This guy has a thing for little green balls. Look thee's one now!

Myrmecobius fasciatus
Your basic fact filled page.

Michael and Irene Morcombe's Photo Album
Your basic foto filled page.


Coming soon

Frilled Lizard

Coming soon

Dingo's Archive D page
I tossed this in here as a start. There's a color drawing of a dingo (Don't they make boots out of these guys?) and some facts.

Coming soon


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