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Welcome to Sydd's Internet Zoo Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!. Here you'll (SOON) find a collection of links or pages of links each dedicated to these lifeforms. This section is being built right now (drawing honey bees to the hives in the treetops, lining up Siegfried & Roy appearances, painting the bricks yellow, etc.). If you'd like to contribute a link to an existing page or a whole new page on a particular area resident, read my miniscular guidelines for pages on this site. Come back soon, these things are changing often.


The Mirage - Las Vegas
SEE! The Siegfried & Roy Royal White Tigers. HEAR! Bones crushing in their prize fight arena. FEEL! The pangs of remorse when you lose your whole vacation bankroll on one blackjack hand. ALL THAT AND MORE!

<EMPASSIONED PLEA> Safe Haven for Endangered Animals Exotic Animal Sanctuary is a 75 acre facility in North Carolina that could use your help.</EMPASSIONED PLEA>
{Thanks to Dave Holm for this link.}

TEZ's Cat Page
Cats cats cats and more cats. Did I mention they have house pet cats as well? Like you couldn't have guessed, knowing TEZ as we do.

Yup, it's a bunch of pictures of big cats brought to you by HDW Enterprises & Foothill Felines. Nine shots at last check including a serval! Lots of other information.

Cats! On the Web
Now we have more cats links than these folks, but we're both just getting started. At least ours are all personally visited by SyddWare staff and they rely on others. Take heart, there ARE more cats pages than they represent. We got yer Lynx right here, pal.

The Tiger Informatin Center
Great site with lots of Tiger stuff. Checkout their opening animated gif / image map but don't get too close! This site also includes an all so essential Indonesian translation. The Indonesian word for tiger is Harimau. Hey you're surfing the web to learn right?

Tasmanian Tiger
This one's thought to be extinct (there's a photog here from the 1930's) and is actually more of a wolf. That's tough, it gets in this page by virtue of its name. Dammit Jim, we're web geeks not taxonomists! They have a Quicktime footage of the last one in captivity. Nice jump off point to a great site all about Tasmania.

Tasmanian Tiger
Here's another page on this mysterious beastie that, though thought to be extinct claims about a dozen unsubstantiated sightings a year (more than bigfoot!) This is another Tiger information site worth the visit.

Tiger Cats

Hamilton Tigercats
So I was looking for and actual picture and info on this beastie with the seemingly redundant name and these guys kept sullying my searches with their myriad pages (I got a thesaurus for Christmas). So they get top billing though I was certain that the pictures they use are not of authentic Felis tigrina.
{Thanks to Pauline Kennedy-Rear for aid in finding this and all the Tiger Cat links.}

Tiger Cat, Tiger Ocelot
Bare facts. If I say much more I risk using more words to describe the page than are on the page.

Tiger Cat's Den
This is a personal page with another dubious pict. I included it because he has a fair amount of tiger links (by fair amount I mean more than me).

There's more info on this apparent "alternate" name of the tiger cat. This one is notable only in qualifications for inclusion in Sydd's "Bad Design Decision" department. The backdrop and text color choice make this just a dream to read. And the opening picture seems to be missing. Plus the last 3 roach buttons still have the author's DOS paths in them so they're 404. Not worth the visit, that's why you should.


BearNet by BearHeart
"This page has been cruelly tested on defenseless furry animals." Here's another link from someone you don't know, Bill.

The Page at Pooh Corner
But rabbit, I wasn't gonna eat any, I was just gonna taste it. It's a very useful pot. Sssssomebody call for an exsssspert? I'm not in the book but I'm at your sssservicsssse. Eeeeyuchh, Tiggers do not like honey. Ohhhh, miiieeeeeyyyyy. Whooo most definitely. Well, maybe. This page apparently has had great reviews. I'm a Pooh fan and love the images. There are quite a few facts about the author and other background stuff. I don't know. I expected this to be more fun for kids but they'd wander away bored after seeing the pictures. Guess I missed the point. Maybe some of the other Pooh sites listed are more fun and easier to read over less dark backdrops.
{Thanks to The Net for this link.}

One of the Animals of British Columbia. This is a very nicely done site. All sorts of information on the wildlife of BC, including fish, game animals and even wildflowers. All load quickly and are great quality. Effective side frame is just large enough but allows a decent main area which nicely displays everything within the standard width of Netscape. Did you know taht the choke cherry tree's fruit produces a choking sensation?
{Thanks to TipWorld for this link.}

The Rest

TEZ's Wildlife Page
All kinds of stuff here - just gotta peruse a while.

TEZ's Zoo Animal Page
As if the other two weren't enough, there are more cats sprinkled here.

More to come soon.


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