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Welcome to Sydd's Internet Zoo Insects. Here you'll (SOON) find a collection of links or pages of links each dedicated to those lovable crawlers & fliers. We're talking exoskeletal bags of love. This section is being built right now (the going is slow because every time I get a link, I accidentally squash it under my mouse - it's getting expensive replacing all these bug-gutted mice). If you'd like to contribute a link to an existing page or a whole new page on a particular area resident, read my miniscular guidelines for pages on this site. Come back soon, these things are changing often.

TEZ's Invertibrates Page
Entomology and You. The care and feeding of that special black widow in your life.

Cockroach World
Ok it starts out with lots of stuff on New Jersey Online and then goes in-depth on cockroaches. Coincidence? I think so! Wait, Not! Yeah. Are you from joisey? Just a daily visit to learn the daily "Fun Fact" is worth your time. Oooh they're copper based while we're carbon based. Boric acid huh? Hahnh, go figure, eye wash as a corrosive. Sydd, what're you talking about? The self proclaimed yuckiest site on the internet. I've seen nastier.

Virtual Fly Lab
Ever get a hankerin' to try the life of a research geneticist? ME TOO! Now you don't have to pretend in your basement anymore with the cat, some MSOP, a butane torch, assorted pipettes, the Spandex lab shorts, sixteen bungee cords of varying lengths, three sticks of Dentyne, the Wok (properly seasoned, of course), a jetpack, fish hooks, your dead Uncle's glass eye, some manila folders, the block and tackle, and of course, the bunsen burner. Oh come on now! Admit it! I'm not the only one. Let's see a show of hands...


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