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Welcome to my tribute to horses on the Internet. This is intended to be a fairly comprehensive list (to date) of references to horses in general as found on other people's pages. My criteria was simple - hadda be equestrian. I shyed away from commercial stuff but then I break my own (non-existent) rules on occasion. My comments are sprinkled throughout. If you see a link I don't have, feel free to email me and I'll visit it when I can. Be sure to tell me your own homepage URL when you recommend one (if yours is not the one being recommended) and I'll include a link to your page and a "Suggested By" byline with the link. If you'd like to contribute a new page on a particular zone resident, read my miniscular guidelines for pages on this site. Enough talking, let's get mooing.

The Cow Horse Connection
"Are you looking for good cow bred horses to buy? Or maybe your looking for a top notch stallion? Maybe you already have one, but needs just a little tuning?"

An exceptionally well done site with all sorts of info, sounds, images. Gotta visit all the museums & halls of fame showcased at this site if you're a horse lover. But you'll be going to Kentucky so get a pickup with a gun rack and wear a baseball cap at all times. It's the law there, you know. Sorry guys, I have nothing against KY. It's just that I grew up in Cincinnati and I have a rep to uphold.

The Official Rules of Tip Horse
A variant on the Horse basketball game.

Brumby's Picture Gallery - Horsies
Just a bunch of pictures of horses.

American Miniature Horse Association
Eeensie weensie horsies ooooo they're soooo cute.

A UK Horseracing page. Checkout their list of links to other horseracing pages.

Horse Country's Horse and Hound Pages
Geez horse fans can make some nice web sites. This was done very nicely even though it's a tad plain. Sometime glitz is too flashy. Check out the rest of Horse Country's horse-related pages above this one.

Galloping Horse in an Icon
A freebie computoy for the download. Hey these links can't all be serious.

Steamboat: Legendary Bucking Horse
A book review. I'm drawing a blank here on commentary... I mean, how many more words can I write about it? It already has plenty.

Official Horse of the State of Alabama
Act no. 1153 designated the Racking Horse as the State Horse.Yes politicians everywhere waste as much time as our national leaders.

TEZ's Horse page
As usual, this place is your one-stop-megafactorium.

The Horse and the Wolf
The classic tale from the brothers Grimm. "Doctor, Doctor! It hurts when I kick you in the face!"

Horse Country
You can't miss a site that offers this: Thanks to the American Miniature Horse Association you can Send A Free Gift Horse! Just don't look it in the mouth. Editor's Note: I'm sorry, but my personal life charter requires that I say these things as they pop into my head. I don't like it, and as you can see it's often not pretty. But rules are rules. Oh and to whoever has me on their list this holiday season, I like the polka dot one. This site has filled a good portion of my gift list with the "Apples" gift alone. This is just one of the many wonderful links on this site.

Woodeye Studio
If you like gold and silver jewelry with an "equine appeal," and let's face it girls, who doesn't, then this site is for you. Nothing says "equifabulous" like a silver horse's head made by Swedish immigrants. Visit the Village Goldsmith at this fine arts galleria.
{ Thanks to Jeffrey Woods for this link. }
...In A Box
What's that they'll send you in a box? Does the photo and this link'ds presence on this page give you any hints? This is a REAL mailorder company. Try all their flavors! Yum! My favorite quote from this site? All orders subject to availability. We reserve the right to substitute products to fulfill your order First of all, how can their products NOT be available if they own horses? Second, what would the substitute be exactly?
{ Thanks to The Web Magazine for this link. }
Mule Lovers
Sandy and Virgil have a love of mules that they feel compelled to share with the world. Well we all have to have hobbies. I should talk, mine's web geeking and rubber ducky collecting, and I make them visible to the world too. Ok sure they're not exactly horses. But since this is the first mule-related submission I've received, it's not exactly spin-off page material yet.
{ Thanks to Sandra Jockisch for this link. }


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