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Welcome to my tribute to goats on the Internet. This is intended to be a fairly comprehensive list (to date) of references to goats in general as found on other people's pages. My criteria was simple - there had to be some relationship to goats (a picture, a pertinent mention, whatever). I shyed away from commercial stuff but then I break my own (non-existent) rules on occasion. My comments are sprinkled throughout. If you see a link I don't have, feel free to email me (and don't be formal, call me Sydd) and I'll visit it when I can. Be sure to tell me your own homepage URL when you recommend one (if yours is not the one being recommended) and I'll include a link to your page and a "Suggested By" byline with the link. If you'd like to contribute a new page on a particular zone resident, read my miniscular guidelines for pages on this site. Enough talking, let's get mooing.

BCE GOAT Reference Guide
Has nothing whatsoever to do with goats which exactly meets my criteria. GOAT is an acronym in this case, though they do have a nice goat picture. Actually the main reason I included this is because I like the sound of a link on the page: GOAT User Guide

This guy loves goats but hates frogs. He has a call for images: If you have any questions, or have good picture of a goat (especially the Satanic kind) E-mail me Thanx. Uh huh... it's time to go back to your little room now, inmate number 4628. Let me help you with your "special" jacket.

The Goat's Head
Let me get this straight. First these guys kept a goat, then they had it killed but kept it's head. Then the head got "bedraggled" so they switched to a bronze statue. OK. When I was in college we just drank & juggled. Mostly drank because it doesn't take too many beers to screw up your eye-hand coordination. It was at that point that we switched to throwing darts. But that's another story.

Goat 4-H Projects
Straight from the 4-H Goat Handbook. Fun things 4-H students can do with goats. You can just imagine.

Electrified Goat Netting
As a band name this falls short. But this isn't a band name, it's a product.

Night Goat
A disturbing albumn cover. This does not look like either song made it to the final cut of the "Disco Fever" revival albumn from K-Tel.

Scape Goat of the Month
From the Poop God. I'm working up my list of things for which I can be personally be blamed. So far I've come up with the following: 1) The Pocket Fisherman 2) Plaid shirts as rock band attire 3) Star Trek Fan Conventions 4) Nipples on men 5) The phrase "Your all inclusive Tropical Island getaway includes everything." 6) ???

Mountain Goat Handlebar Extensions
Gosh I didn't even know people rode goats, but I guess it stands to reason that you'd need something to hold onto and to use to steer the goat. Cool. I wonder if I can outfit one like my hog, with dual phranistats and a four barrel kreminjammer.

Somatic Cell Counts of Goat Milk
Pretty dry stuff, but you just have to know the count.

Glazed Goat
Not only a taste sensation, but can be used to bind books too!

The Tyny Goat Ranch
... where the keywords to successful goat herding are Prevention, Innovation, and Love ... See the Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

American Dairy Goat Products Association
I have no response to this. OK, I can't resist: I pictured a ballpark vendor canvassing the seats: "Hey cold Goat Products here! Get your American Dairy Goat Products here!" Are we talking coffee mugs and coasters here?

Llamas & Goats
QUICK! A Web Word Association Test: What's the first thing that pops into your mind about the contents of this web page when you read its title?

The Chamber of the Goat
Ok now this is why I do these pages, to find the real sickos out there. This page is quite simple: an imagemap of a goat. Click various parts of the goat and see what happens. Hee Hee! What fun! Bring a mop. Note: Please don't flame me on this one, I just report 'em. I don't condone 'em. Don't kill the messenger.

El Chupacabra
Literally, goatsucker, which buys me the connection needed to place a link on this page. I first heard about this legendary creature the way most of us uninformed Americans did, on a recent episode of the X Files. So put on your alien-finding rose-colored glasses (you know the ones with the mind control implants in the templ- uh the master says I must go now...


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