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Welcome to Sydd's Internet Zoo Reptiles & Amphibians. Here you'll (SOON) find a collection of links or pages of links each dedicated to slithering or creepy crawly or slimy swimming life. We're talking cold blooded animals ready for love. This section is being built right now (if I get bitten once more by that black adder I have I'll... Mommy? Where are you mommy? I can't see you mommy...). If you'd like to contribute a link to an existing page or a whole new page on a particular area resident, read my miniscular guidelines for pages on this site. Come back soon, these things are changing often.

The Froggy Page
A fitting start to the reptiles page, this one will take you to froggy nirvana.

TEZ's Reptile Page
Herpetoligists Unite!

The New Iguana Fun Page
Unless you happen to be a big, slow-moving piece of lettuce, you have nothing to worry about. Three of my friends are. Gotta go, gotta warn them before it's too late!
{Thanks to INTERNET underground for this link.}

TEZ's Amphibian Page
All kinds of creepies & slimies.

Victor Snakemannn
Checkkk outtt hisss snakeee anddd Harleyyy. Update: He got to carry the Olympic torch in Salt Lake City in 2002! His opening page reminds me of what Frank Bowman said when he looked at the monolith.
{Thanks to INTERNET underground for this link.}
[Updated (finally!) 19 Oct 02]
Bullfrog Productions Ltd., maker of many best selling computer games, has a cool Shockwave enhanced site that loaded more quickly than any Shockwave site I've ever visited. High praise considering I'm still using my slow 14,400 dinosaur.
{Thanks to The Web Magazine for this link.}

Live Iguana Cam
Just what you think. Actually, the term "live" is debatable since he never moves. But come back at night (West Coast US) to see it dark out.
{Thanks to Bette for this link.}


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