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Main Screen Shot of the Motif SDRTool

SDRTool - System Discrepancy Report Tool - OSF/Motif based multi-project configurable discrepancy report generation/tracking/manipulation tool to be used in place of the traditional (archaic) paper trace problem tracking system. Sure there are products out there that provide such configuration management capabilities, but you can't beat my price: free for the download! This tool is used on many programs at my company to track changes to C, UIL and SQL code (though what it tracks doesn't have to be code, or documents, or anything text based, it just has to be a tangible entity you keep controlled). The tool uses SQL based databases (supports Sybase, Informix and soon Oracle). Also watch this space for a version utilizing the ndbm(3) library (actually Gnu's gdbm set since it's easy to come by). For those of you with no access to a database dbm's b-tree implementation will be adequate for the tool but customized reports will be a tad harder to generate. Hopefully one day a PC Windows 95 based version probably using Microsoft Access as the database will become a reality. Currently it supports RCS and SCCS on Unix, is written in ANSI-C, and has been tested on various Unix platforms including Sun, HP, DEC, (SGI soon!) and PCs running Linux. Should work with X11R4 and up (tested with X11R5-OSF/Motif1.2 and X11R6-OSF/Motif2.0 but should work fine with X11R4-OSF/Motif1.1).

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To try out a FORM simulating the SDRTool and access the online help, click the ducky.

My Ducky (tarred gzip file 528K)
[Dated 23 Mar 1996]

Update: 23 Mar 1996 Ok, the first stab upload is finally here (see duckies above). It's not for the timid - you may be doing some debugging to get it just right for your configuration, or it may setup correctly the first time. Documentation is sketchy, which is what's been taking so long - the code's been used with little change for years. Mostly it's the database interface that may give you trouble as everyone has their Sybase or Informix setup slightly differently. But Basically you're the guinea pigs. The SGI port is on the horizon. Also gdbm support is in the first stages of development for those who can't afford a fancy db so stay tuned. Once that's working I'll try to come up with some more common reports so you won't have to. Please feed me back if you have questions, end up porting it, have bugs to report, have added enhancements, have suggestions for enhancements (I gotta million of 'em), etc. You first brave souls are gonna help me develop a professional (albeit still free) package. This early release is way before its time but is in response to some requests, so use at your own risk. I hope you can get it working. You ought to take a look at the readme to start you off, though it's in the package too: it's where you should start.

Update: 19 Jul 1996: The C code is now running on SGI platforms and the gdbm support is progressing nicely. I've also had a successful port to Sun Solaris but have yet to incorporate the changes here. If you need them contact me and I'll try to get you the updates. I will soon have full access to an SGI platform myself and will be setting up multiple projects for daily use using Sybase System 10 on a Sun and Sybase System 11 on the SGI. The MMI is due to be revamped with a new look, which should also be appearing soon. I'll post a snap of the new look soon.

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