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The SyddWare LogoDuck Crossing
Jeffrey R. (Sydd) Souza
I snagged this from Ducky's Restaurant

The following is a series of snaps & links to their origins representing the duckies I have found on the internet. It is one of a number of pages of animals collectively known as Sydd's Internet Zoo. This page resides in the Petting Zoo area, one of over a dozen wildlife areas.
In some cases the image is modified (because I thought I could use it so I pirated it for more generic use) or shrunken for space. But then that's why I put the link in next to it, so you can see the original & as sort of a payment.

And oh hey! At times I may mention a book that I would recommend you checkout. SyddWare is pleased to bring you, In Association with, links directly to the book at Amazon. There you can check it out for yourself and even order it! To make it easier I've included a special grafik (below) that will appear nearby where I mention the book. Just click it and you're whisked away to Amazon! If you order the book you are helping to keep Sydd's Internet Zoo alive. Just don't forget to come back!

Check out this book at Amazon.Com

My original criteria for this page were simple: something with which Ernie would not mind bathing - or any reference generally up to Ernie's aesthetic tastes. Some live ones might even fit the bill, depending upon how well the term "ducky" fits. Although hunting decoys are right out! And submissions of Duckman, his relatives, or any other famous Duck like characters in cartoonery would simply prove you miss the point. Don't get me wrong, I LIVE for Duckman episodes -- I'm a cartoon freak.
I'll provide a link to your own page (if you have one) if you submit a ducky I don't have. And obviously I don't have many so if you see one, by all means...

Great American Merchandise & Events
Formerly Great American Duck Races. Planning a ducky derby or other race-like-floaty contest to raise money? Checkout the best place I've found on the web for duckies designed expressly for that purpose. If you find a better source, please let me know. Yes that's a challenge, now go! Wait, visit these folks first so you'll have a basis of comparison. Here's a link to their Netherlands site.
UPDATE! Along with their name change, I have insider information that they're expanding to Turbo Turtle and Polar Pals races soon. Heard it here first folks.
[Added 11 Sep 1998] [Updated 4 Mar 2002]

Duck Races For Charity

If you haven't been to one of these, they're a blast. The idea is you pay for a duck (you don't usually get to keep the duck, you just get its number). They let a whole slew of duck loose on a loal waterway and have some sort of finish line downstream with the first duck(s) to cross winning the holder of its number a prize. Here are some pictures of one run annually by the Reno Area Avian Enthusiasts to give you an idea.

Rock the Quarry IV Saturday, September 18, 2004, on The Panhandle Trail near Walkers Mill, Collier Township, PA
This free noon to 11PM event features several live bands on two stages (including The Wild Geese) and six, count 'em, 6 duck races: The Robinson Run Regatta. Children’s Races at 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30 and an adult oriented race at 6:30. What's that you say Sydd, live nude ducks? Actually the 6:30 race features $500, $200 and $100 prizes for first, second and third plus a $25 "stuck duck" prize for furthest from the finish line. But I bet the ducks WILL be all nude all day!
{Thanks to Paul Thompson for this link.}
[Added 9 Sep 2004]

5th Annual Goose Creek Duck Race 2004
Here's another scheduled for Oct 2, 2004 in Chester County, Southeastern Pennsylvania, USA featuring 5 heats.
[Added 9 Sep 2004]

The Ray Lewis Great Maryland Duck Derby
Saturday, October 2, 2004 at Padonia Park Club, in Cockeysville Maryland USA is the date for this event benefitting the Ray Lewis Foundation. This one even features a $50,000 "golden duck". Here are some photos of the 2003 race courtesy of The Ravens Roost and The Ray Lewis Foundation.
NOTE: If you plan to adopt any ducks, consider joining the Sydduckies flock.
[Added 9 Sep 2004]

Breckenridge Labor Day Duck Race
Here are some photos of an annual race held in Breckenridge Colorado, USA
[Added 9 Sep 2004]

Great Rubber Ducky Race for Charity
A report from 1996 about Hawaii's Great Rubber Ducky Race. Anyone have any photos of this? Actually I've heard about these all over the country, all for charity, but nobody seems to put them on the web, either before or after. I'd like to offer web space on my site to anyone sponsoring such an event. Just drop me a line.
[Added 10 May 1997]

Rubber Ducky Derby 1997
No sooner do I complain about the lack of duck races for charity on the web then I find one. This one benefitted a pediatric rehabilitation center.
[Added 10 May 1997]

Rubber Ducky Derby for Children's Hospital
OK, so here's another. They had a cool inflatable and a guy in a duck suit! Guess it pays to have a big time car maker as your sponsor.
[Added 11 May 1997]

The Peoria IL Center for Prevention of Abuse's 11th Annual Duck Race
Ok you have three guesses as to where they got the ducks for this next duck race. Hint: See the next link. Another quite worthy cause. C'mon what are you waiting for, sponsor a duckie! See the trick is to pick the FASTEST one. But don't tell anyone I gave you the untold story. I got a rep. UPDATE: Sorry, this one's gone.
[Added 3 June 1999]

More Ducking Stuff

Alienware sells computers including gaming systems. They recently ran the MegaDuck Gaming Contest around an ad they'd produced with a suped up duck. The top three games are here as well as some wallpaper of the ad. Definitely cool looking systems and from the looks of things, they're getting rave reviews from the industry. [Added 1 Sep 2005]

Ernie's duckyWhere It All Began
[Updated 21 Aug 1999]

Ventana's Clip Art Archive: Fun Stuff
(Lotsa clip art here, though this was the only ducky - good for you web page developers. Spend some time here, not just on the page to which I am linked.)
UPDATE! This one's gone 404 now, a dead-web-duck, sorry.

Ernie (OK it's not a ducky) Lyrics to Ernie's Rubber Ducky Song.
(Ernie's pic is NOT from there)

Just a sound picGot the lyrics memorized? Now sing along!
(RealAudio format, Oh and crank the volume) I have much better versions in other formats, including this mp3. Also there's a link way below to a site with the MIDI version, but I also have it if you need it.) UPDATE UPDATE: I now also have it in MP3 format (actually I can deliver it in most any sound format you need, just tell me which one).

UPDATE! Here's an FTP download of a german techno remix of the same song.Here are (wht I believe are) the lyrics to the German version: Quietsche Entchen (The site Rich "Xentrik" Wigmore originally tipped me off about went 404 but I found this link from Germany [of all places, go figure] 5 Sep 02 Link revised 25 Feb 05).
Jerry Garcia liked them too
(There are TWO links here: the text gets you to the ducky reference, the icon gets you to the Dead's Homepage)

Pseudo National Lampoon Bored of the Rings Appendix A
(Another "find the ducky" puzzle)

A T shirt I HAVE TO GET!
(But if anyone would like to send me one FREE, I'll give you a SyddWare Sticker & gratuitous link...)

Spatula City
I may have to lose the cool 3D duck image link on this one because they're not always up and it slows this page's load time. Thus the link doesn't always take you there either. But if you get in, checkout their vast collection of Spatulas.
{Thanks to The Internet Underground for this link}

Reference to a bizarre and potentially believable article called Odyssey of the Ducks
(I found the initial ref on CC's page but the link's 404 so follow the second one.)
BTW, If you DO find one of the Ducks mentioned, contact me!)
[Updated 9 Apr 1996]
Looks like they were of some use to someone! [Added 10 May 97]
Here the story was confirmed, complete with pictures of the actual ducks (turns out I have one like them!) and a map showing their fateful three hour tour. Oh wait, that was Gilligan. [Added 10 May 97]

Duck Head
(Archive of a comic strip by that name - over 30 strips!) [Added 28 Mar 1996]

Duck Hunt - Find the Fowl [Gone 404, sorry]
(I like this a lot - nothing fancy, html-wise, but lotsa smiles)
{Thanks to Jim Eagles for this link}
[Added 28 Mar 1996]

I have one of these in the flesh.. uh rubberDucky's Restaurant
I'll have Spam on rye, hold the mayo. UPDATE: Jeez this one appears to be gone to 404 land too. I'm not sure so I'll leave it there a while longer. Where are all my favorite duckies going?
(This is where I got the eggbar HR too)

Dicks Rubber Duckies A couple of first rate ducks!
(Apparently an example business page - all the ducks are variations on the same image much like the one I present here but without the blue eyes.) UPDATE: The original link went 404! I should have saved a copy of all the ducks- Doh! Still, checkout for some good ideas on web pages. I removed the original html page name which was maagnum/ssdicks.html so the above link leads you to their now duckless site.

[UPDATE: The above blue eyed duckie can bee seen on a current World Wide Microsoft TV commercial. I finally saw it on 8 June 1996. It's the one that has the updated "Go Gos-esque" version of the Carpenters' toon "Top of the World" playing in the background. It's been airing all over the place since early May 1996. Yup, it's mine, their Ad Agency sent me a request & I signed a release to allow them to use it. No idea why they wanted this particular duckie... Hope this isn't my 15 minutes... It flashes by in a fraction of a second so it'd take quite a few airings to add up to 15 minutes.][Updated 9 June 1996]

Daffy Images
(OK I know what I said before, but you can't hold me to that! Fact is, there are some FIRST RATE cartoon images here. Besides, the WB isn't the sponsor so it's not violating my non-commercial bent. Not that I never will...)
[Added 28 Mar 1996]

Vampire Duck Page
(If you are a vampire, this is only one of many pages out there dedicated to your, uh, condition. [There! that ought to keep them off my, uh, neck.]) {Thanks to The Internet Underground for this link}

From a game pageWallpaper from a game featuring "the big B & E"
Yet another "gone now" original link but these guys have a big site with all sorts of products. Worth a look.

Ducky The Duckbill DinosaurThe Land Before Time III
["Ducky" the duckbill shown here. Not a duck, I know, but: a) that whole dinosaurs evolved into birds thing, and b) my kids would kill me if I didn't place a link for the movie here. Impressive site!]

The Center for Duck Studies
("your gateway to advanced duck consciousness")
[Added 28 Mar 1996] [Updated 4 Feb 1997]

This one is on Walt Whitman's handDucky's Page
(The graphic actually looks like the duck from the old children's book The Story About Ping by Marjorie Flack, which you KNOW I've read and I highly recommend. Check out this book at Amazon.Com With 4 kids I could probably recite it from memory.)

A Children's book Don't Forget The Rubber Duckie!(Excellent advice!)
[Update: This was a book at this site that I can't find there anymore since they revamped the site. Still the site is well worth the visit so I left it in & offer you my copy of the image.] Oh and here's an excerpt from the book.
[Updated 11 May 97]

Sid's Mutant Toys
From Toy Story - Checkout Sid's cross between a PEZ dispenser & a spring toy named Duckie -- near the end. You remember the one: he was lowered down to ring the doorbell that was the signal that started the great toy liberation at Sud's House. BTW I now have a bunch of Sid related RealAudio clips on my SyddWare Noyse page. Check them out.

Mr. Duck For President {Thanks to Anne Ryan for this link}

The Swingin' Rubber Ducky WHRW Jazz Program
{Thanks to DJ Seth Marcus for this link}
[Updated 28 Dec 1996]

How not to be eaten by a duck. (Scotland only).
Now if someone would make a version for the rest of us!
[Added 10 May 1996]

The Big Duck
It is 20 feet tall, made of 16,500 pounds of wood, stucco and wire.
[Added 10 May 1996]

Cross Stitch Federal Duck Stamps
So my hobby isn't such a waste of time if I can help even one mail carrier realize a lifelong dream of cross stitch renditions of all Federal postage stamps.
[Added 10 May 1996]

The Residents' Duck Stab
This is one of my all time favorite bands. This official web site is a MUST SEE. My little web page is not really worthy of even mentioning the band's name, but if you know not of The Residents, be enlightened.
[Updated 9 Sep 2004]

Quanjude Beijing Duck Restaurant
Mmmmm. "... this duck is glazed, hung to dry, then roasted over an open fire. This preparation makes the skin crispy and the meat juicy and delicious."
[Added 10 May 1996]

MIT Student Information Processing Board's Fun Stuff Page
You find duckies in the least expected places. I had heard those guys at MIT had some brains, but this proves it. An evening's worth of interesting links here.
[Added 23 May 1996]

Terry's Sparky and the Duck Page
Web page for a member of a Santa Barbara band that, from their bios, probably play a lot of Seattle grunge and whose possibly underage members drink trendy overpriced beers brewed in Pittsburg which apparently affect their spelling. Now they just need to get some audio, a band logo, some publicity stills, and playdates on the page. But there's a cool backdrop. And some links to bands and artists that influenced them.
{Thanks to Terr Luna for this link - it's his homepage}
[Added 16 Oct 1996]

Duckie's Homepage
College student with a meaningless nickname with no story behind it. OK so I should talk. I do like the "duck parts" concept (though unfulfilled in my opinion) on the main page and the gif above.
{Thanks to Duckie for this link - it's his homepage}
[Added 5 Nov 1996]

Rubber Duckie's Homepage
Here's another student's page. She uses the handle "Rubber Duckie." When I visited her duck images were temporarily broken. I almost didn't link until I found out she's into Marvin The Martian, as am I.
{Thanks to Amanda Marsh for this link}
[Added 11 Jan 1997]

Worthington Elementary
This is my daughter's school, soon to be school to all the Syddling hordes. I was quite pleased to find a duck on their pages so I could provide a link. There's computer art from the students and promise of much more. Of course by now the duck's probably gone, but you may see the colorized animated logo I did for them.
[Added 20 Nov 1996]

Suisun Elementary, Northern CA, home of the Suisun Ducks!
An elementary school's homepage, specifically the second grade. They're right across the street from the largest habitat for migratory birds in North America...hence their mascot. Here's some of their ASCII art.
[Added 26 Jan 1997]
{Thanks to Pam Lamphear for this link}

Cool toy selection service from DEC & Toys 'R' US. EachToy helps you choose the perfect toy for your children. And ya gotta love their choice of backdrop best of all.
{Thanks to Steve Taylor for this link}
[Added 28 Dec 1996]

Kazuyoshi Morishita's Rubber Ducky Information
There's a WHOLE bunch of rubber duckies here! Very nice quality shots in varying scenes (there's even a menage a trois in a bath tub, but don't worry, they're mostly covered in bubbles). BTW It's in Japanese so I can't tell you much about the rest of the pages at this site.
{Thanks to Kazuyoshi Morishita for this link}
[Added 11 Jan 1997]

Assurance: Rubber Ducks and Party Animals
Getcher personalized rubber duckies here (there's a minimum order size) stamped with your company name and message. They have some cool variants as well, though the ducks aren't really that cute. And gosh darn it duckies should be cute!(sorry about my potty mouth but I feel strongly about this)
[Added 17 Jan 1997] [Updated 9 Sep 2004]

The River
An account of a river canoe trip. This is another "find the hidden duckies" page, all the while reading a fascinating account of a trip through the great Mississippi flood. Yes there's more than one hidden duckie amidst this very interesting story. Sadly they didn't rescue enough duckies to trade with poor Sydd for a SyddWare duckie. Sigh! Eric & Joan even had a link back to here unbeknownst to me -- thanks guys, I herewith reciprocate.
[Added 26 Jan 1997]
{Thanks to Dave Ellsworth for these links}

SuziToo's Graphics Page
Visit SuziToo's page. She has some animated gifs, backgrounds for web pages, oodles of other stuff. And of course the requisite ducky.
[Added 28 Jan 1997][Updated 9 Sep 2004]
{Thanks to Pam Lamphear for this link}

Ducky Screen Saver
Here I was trying to find literature on how to make a SyddWare screensaver and here comes Jennifer Sturm stealing my thunder (and rightfully so!). Download this emailwarescreensaver Ducky in the Woods for Windows 95. There's a whole ducky related theme set further below, look for Veggie Tales.
[Added 24 Feb 1997]
{Thanks to Jennifer Sturm for this link}

Lego Build A Duck Game
None of these ducks good enough for you? Then take matters into your own hands and build your own. This game from Lego is also a contest to build the best duck to win Lego merchandise. It's a Java applet that I got to come up but couldn't figure out how to pick up the pieces and put them together. If you figure it out, drop me a line.UPDATE! Doh! This one's gone 404 too, and I never got a chance to figure out how it works. So I've changed the above link to just get you to the Lego homepage - a first rate site anyway.
[Added 12 Mar 1997]
{Thanks to Joe McMahon for this link}

From Mercedes Benz magazine ad
A friend of mine sent me this image courtesy his brand spanking new scanner. If you look closely at the eyes you can guess which car maker's magazine ad this is was scanned. If you can't figure it out, click the duck for the answer.
Devil DuckieArchie McPhee Online Catalog
Order your own rubber duckie online from this excellent catalog of the finer things in life. At the original writing of this they also had a red ducky with horns, a devil ducky. Might be seasonal, but you should still find a ducky here plus a whole lot more. And you can join the Cult of McPhee, an emailing list.
[Added 17 Mar 1997][Updated 20 Oct 2000]
{Thanks to Christopher Hawkins for this link}

98 online
This is the homepage of WIYY in Baltimore. Visit the Twisted Tunes section for a couple of Donald Duck related .wav files from their morning show guys that are to be heard to be believed. Oh. And don't blame me if you are not comfortable with the relatively explicit nature of these cuts - this originally played on a radio morning show during Baltimore morning drive time.
[Added 19 Mar 1997]
{Thanks to Joe McMahon for pointing out this link}

The Unofficial Rubber Ducky Homepage
Despite it's name there isn't much ducky here, but there are lots of links on Gor Wu's homepage. And that's the point of this page is to point out these disparate sites.
[Added 10 Apr 1997]
{Thanks to Gor Wu for this link}

Big Bob's Duck Dealer
I'll just let the proprietors tell it: It's the Official Big Bob's Duck Dealer Web Site. We just got started on it, but eventually, it will be, well, ducky. Big Bob's Duck Dealer is a highly specialized store based out of Knoxville, Iowa, which deals in ducks and duck accessories. Check us out!
[Added 10 Apr 1997]
{Thanks to Nathaniel "Biffy" Adkins for this link}

The Rubber Duckster's Duckie Collection
The rubber duckster's collection positively dwarfs mine, but his is "tainted" in my collection criteria as he has non yellow rubber duckies in it. Still, I've only been collecting them since late '95.
[Added 1 May 1997]
{Thanks to Rubber Duckster for this link}

The Drunken Duck
Checkout this town of web pages. Visit the arcade, the stadium, the lounge, etc. Nice idea for a website layout, though not as graphic intensive as the "bigs" that also use it.
[Added 1 May 1997]

Takayuki Kondo's Home Page
This is great. Fine graphics & animations dedicated to developers of Japanese 3D Animation. Download avi files (including one of a mother duck & three ducklings) that show off this talented individual's skills. I told Kondo I wished the duck one ran longer, but that at least I could run it in loop mode. UPDATE: Sorry, it's a real shame but this one's gone now too.
[Added 9 May 1997]
{Thanks to Takayuki Kondo for this link}

Kmoris' Home Page
Home of the little ducky keychain. This page has some ducks I haven't seen elsewhere. But I really don't know what it's about since I don't speak Japanese nor does my browser display it.
[Added 10 May 1997]

The dAiLy DuCkY Times
Amanda Marsh's customizable web newspaper, courtesy Crayon Net. Nothing to do with duckies, really, but it's a nice demonstration of a personally customizable site. This was up before My Yahoo, which provides a more extensive list of features from which to choose.
[Added 10 May 1997]

Ducky16's Pond on the Web
A nice ducky profile here, plus a repeated copy of a Spatula City duck, but otherwise little of any redeeming value can be found here.
[Added 10 May 1997]

Baskets by WrapIt
Get just about any kind of gift basket at this site, including the bath-oriented one that includes, of all things, some...
[Added 10 May 1997]

Why We Like Duckies
The name says it all: Duckies.Com. Except that the duckies referenced here are the one-person inflatable kayak kind.
[Added 10 May 1997]

 The Day My Sister Massacred A Flock Of Ducks: A True Story
For all you rubberneckers who slow down and gawk at automobile accidents.
[Added 10 May 1997] Sadly, this one's gone 404 now, yet another dead-web-duck.
Guess you'll just have to settle for the 21st century version of a traffic accident: Reality TV.

Rubber Ducky
Hmmm, the point of this and other pages linked in below the image, escapes me. But that never stopped me from including a link before. But it is a cool image of one of the largest rubber duckies I've seen.
[Added 10 May 1997]

Ducky Wares
Get this, a single Rubber Ducky, one very much like one I have in my collection, for fifteen bucks! Jeez what does it do besides float?
[Added 10 May 1997]

One wet babe, nude in a tub with her favorite bath toy. And she's really cute!
[Added 10 May 1997]

National Directory of Magazines
This resource found me a publication called Rubber Ducky Magazine.
[Added 10 May 1997]

Lifetime Health
Hey, these folks are using my blue eyed ducky (above) on one of their pages! I hope it's helping them make money. It's so simple to buy a duck, snap a picture, send it to Seattle Film Works to get your online version and post that. But no, let's just find one & don't ask if we can use it. Uh, sure guys, you can do that, no problem. Thanks for asking.
[Added 10 May 1997]

Suburban Propane
Are you getting soaked? Special offers on Water Heaters!
[Added 10 May 1997]

Sundeck Shootout
Yes that's right, shoot the rubber ducky and your score goes down. My sentiments exactly.UPDATE! Sigh! The web is ever changing, and this one disappeared. Just when I was about to bump the high scoring "AKJ" out of the #1 position too!
[Added 11 May 1997]

One of a set
Order one of my faves from AlbertE. The people that make this one actually make two different sizes. The larger ones is a floater and the smaller one a squeeze toy with the hole in the tip of the bill. [Watch it, this page is dated over a year ago was copyrighted in 1995.]
[Added 11 May 1997]

Webbed Feet
These guys are web consultants, giving one-on-one tutorials on using the web. You, of course, being savvy enough to find this page, are probably not in need of their services.
[Added 11 May 1997]

anas americana
Widgeon drakes sound exactly like the whistle of a yellow rubber ducky squeeze toy.
[Updated 21 Sep 1999]

Paranormal joy The power of small plastic toys
Zen & Rubber Duckies. Now see THIS is what I've been saying. There's something about what these things do to people, not just kids.
[Added 11 May 1997]

Takashi NAKAMURA's Homepage
Checkout the "Others" page, it has this funky little nervous animated gif.
[Added 11 May 1997]

The Ducky Pages
This one has a nice horizontal rule similar to the duck/egg one on this page. Check out the list of ten answers to the question "Why Ducks?" My fave is #2.
{Submitted by Corinna Pettyjohn} [Added 23 Jun 1997]

Another Duck Race held, this time, to benefit Cystic Fibrosis. I loaned them my dancing ducky, I hope it doesn't cheapen this nicely organized pleasant site. So does your duck have a winning number? UPDATE! Well, I guess the page outlived it's usefulness as a PR vehicle, it's gone now and they didn't even tell me they were removing it. Sheesh.
[Added 23 Jun 1997]

She has a lucky duck so she gets a link, but watch out for that tiger she has guarding her website. Be nice, he's really a pussycat. Follow the link to get yourself your very own web mascot.
[Added 4 Jul 1997]

The Duckism Official Homepage
Say it with me: I AM DUCK. Ok now what is Duckism? Go here to find out. Some day. The links to their Duckism Ducktrine send you to odd friends' pages rather than explain anything. Actually that's what I believe the point to the whole thing is: every time you try to get the scoop on Duckism they change the subject and send you off to another page. Come to think of it, their mascot is named Mason, Free Mason. Do you smell a conspira- uh... hang on someone's at the door. Back in a sec-
{Submitted by Corinna Pettyjohn} [Added 27 Jul 1997]

Jennie's Duck
A gratuitous duck (just the way I like mine) from Jennie at Skidmore.
{Thanks to Jennie Schneier for this link.}
[Added 2 Nov 1997]
Rubber Duckie On The Web
The opening graphic alone makes this site in Japan worth a look. New for 1998: Duck Bath Finder: The mission is primary an exploring for a Japanese somebody's house, discovering a bath and bathing.
{Thanks to Akihiko Watanabe for this link.}
[Added 4 Jan 1998]
Welcome to the world of... Duckie!
Well the ducky surfing is what started me off, but you should take a look at this high school student's poetry.
{Thanks to Rose "Duckie" Talbert for this link.}
[Added 4 Jan 1998]
Dinc Rubber Duck Font
Get your very own Rubber Duck font from Dinc. It's a font made from a rubber stamp set. And for a limited time you get a free Dinc Duck with your order! Unfortunately I think they're all MAC fonts, but don't quote me on that.
{Thanks to Andrew Green for this link.}
[Added 7 Jan 1998]
A Ducky Lover Page
A couple of ims I haven't seen elsewhere. It promises some more links (and there's one there back here as well as to some others that appear here already).
{Thanks to Sarah for this link.}
[Added 18 Jan 1998]
Gula Plastankor
That's Swedish for "Yellow Rubber Duckies." This is the english version of the page originally posted in Swedish and dedicated to our favorite subject. Hey you collectors out there! Drop Emma a line!
{Thanks to Emma Svensson for this link.}
[Added 18 Jan 1998]
Rubba Ducks
Visitor Review: GREAT DUCKS! There are seven different duck personalities to choose from and you can even order them from this site. I ordered three t-shirts-- "Sitting", "Daizee" and "Grey". They were only $8. Ernie would definately approve. Check it out!! [Ed. note: The ducks themselves are only $5.00 and durn it if I don't have ANY of them in my collection except maybe one just like Lucky! Now I have to scrounge up thirty bucks from somewhere! That is, unless the generous folks at Rubba Dicks want to "loan" me some for promotional purposes, hint hint. Hey, I can dream can't I?]  Update: Their link has changed, now to a namesake URL, but that's not all! Now they have oodles of ducks of every imaginable sort. And they're now in retail stores like Target and Toys'R'Us. My kids found them and after 2 gift giving events have passed thus far I now own 8 of them. The trouble is if they keep making new ones as fast as they are, I'll end up broke before long. Here are some ideas for names I bet they'll never use:
  • Duck Ewe (looks like a sheep)
  • Duck Off (looks like a light bulb)
  • Duck Head (head larger than its body)
  • Duck Lick (Mick Jagger lips, Gene Simmons tongue)
  • Duck Weed ('60's tye die attire)
  • Ducked Up (bill sticking out the top of its head)
  • Duckin' A (big grin, wings up making fists with thumbs up)
  • Duckaholic (martini glass, X's for eyes, tongue out)
  • Go Duck Yourself (mirror for a face)
  • All Ducked Out and No Place To Go (Top hat, tails, cane)
  • 4 Dinner (headless, fresh from a roasting pan)
  • Composite (a bunch of little ducks in a pile the shape of a big one)
  • Good Duck (Lotto balls & scratch offs)
  • Bad Duck (broken mirror, spilt milk, under a ladder [Ok so this is more of a concept piece])
  • O' the Irish (Green, shamrocks, leprechan hat)
  • Run Out (a.k.a. Down on His) (shabby clothes, tin cup, no bill, "Will quack for food" sign)
  • D.J. (shades, gold records, sleazy hair, mustache and grin)
  • Got one? Drop me a line, I'd love to hear it.

{Thanks to Bryan for this link.}
[Added 9 Feb 1999] [Updated 14 Mar 2002]
RubberDucky's Pond
Visit Renee and encourage her to give us more. I like her email icon.
{Thanks to Renee for this link.}
[Added 9 Feb 1999]
A retired typesetter and self descried frustrated mechnical engineer uses his free time to design and build excellent wooden toys. What's this got to do with ducks? They're not all toys, take a look.
{Thanks to THEDUKMAN for this link.}
[Added 4 Jun 1999][Belatedly Updated 13 Jan 2002]
The Ducky Cult
Not much here yet, but all ye who seek the elusive Ernie's Rubber Ducky Song in MIDI format can search no longer, nirvana in all its annoying splendor is a click away. I've squirrelled away my own copy for posterity, and judging from the number of requests for the .WAV or .AU I get each week since the original source dried up on us, it's no doubt a prudent move.
{Thanks to Ducky Cult (not their real name) for this link.}
[Added 18 Aug 1999]
King George and the Ducky
Veggie Tales has become one of our favorite video tape series. As they put it, "Saturday morning fun, Sunday morning values." Join Bob the Tomato and Larry "Larry Boy" the Cucumber for a host of adventures that teach value lessons from the bible. Even if your religion differs, you'll find a lot of enjoyment from these tapes. You can even download a PC desktop theme based on the above title.
[Added 20 Oct 2000]
Get your celebrity look alike ducks here. My sources say they may be working on a Carmen Miranda, Abraham Lincoln and Dracula. They're weighted floaters made from a heavier vinyl than most so they really show off the colors and details. Hurry, the Betty Boops are almost gone! Tell them you got there from here and maybe they'll send me a Santa duck for mentioning them here. Hey, I'm not proud, I just collect duckies
{Thanks to Craig Wolfe for this link.}
[Added 20 Oct 2000]
Rubber Ducky Page
Claire Hand's collection of rubber duckies. Quite a list, each named and tastefully placed in an appropriate setting. Each duck has its own little story. Perhape more information than I really wanted to know about them. You gotta love her duck Picasso.
[Added 20 Jan 2001]
{short description of image}Duck Planet
Contains a collection of photos of folks' rubber ducky collections, and of ducks in front of public attractions, as well as other links and points of interest "for rubber duck fans everywhere". Their motto: ducks without borders . canards sans frontières. They have some pretty good quality shots of various ducks so if you really need a picture of a rubber ducky, this is the place (assuming you ask them nicely if you can use their images).
[Added 20 Jan 2001]
Wanted: Sailor DuckHave you seen this duck?
UPDATE! This was a short campaign that is no longer being run as the original contact closed down her email account and didn't leave a forwarding address for me to use to pass along any other sources. Thanks to all who contributed tips, I know at least some were used and once or twice the supply was replenished.
We need your help. We recently received a message from someone in Connecticut USA seeking a source for a particular type of duck. Here's the (edited) text of the message: I work in a mentally and physically challenged group home in Connecticut. I have a participant who loves a particular type of duck so much that he has worn out 3 boxes of 24 ducks in less than 4 years. He uses them to keep himself occupied ... I am very serious about finding as many of these ducks as I possible can. Our last shipment came from a company in California and are now out of business. There was something about those ducks that would keep him so calm and all he does is hold them all day. The ducks are approximately 6-7 inches tall with a white hat and red scarf ... kind of like a sailor duck. They are very soft but are made of rubber. Would you possible know where to find one?? I have spent hours trying to super glue the last 5 ducks together in hopes of finding one real soon. Signed, Desperately Seeking Sailor Ducks... The duck sought is like the one pictured above (thanks to for the image). If you know where to find any more, please contact us and we will pass the word along. Thanks in advance. Updates on our progress can be monitored at (No longer available)[Added 20 Jan 2001] [Updated 4 Mar 2002 (links work again)]

Rubber Duckie Webring [Added 20 Jan 2001]

This Rubber Duckie site is owned by

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I snagged this from Ducky's Restaurant
Max narrates an Iraqui training film.
This is a blatant plug for a page I maintain for a client. This is a RealAudio clip from The Daily Feed. And yes it has to do with ducks, much to my surprise when I encoded it.
[Added 8 July 1996]

My Duckies
A while back I got a Color QuickCam from Connectix and my first "still" was of my ducky collection, or at least as many as I could round up at the time (my kids play with them). I shrank the original 640x480 down and reduced the colors so it's not too big (63K). Obviously I need to work out some better lighting. Checkout my first QuickCam movie a la animated gif on the main Petting Zoo page. A must see! [Added 22 July 1996]

Duck Books! Here are some books about ducks, click the link or the image and you'll be whisked away to's catalog page for that book. If you order one from that page you'll probably save 10-30% and will be helping keep SyddWare alive to boot. More coming soon!!
Check out this book at Amazon.ComHow Ducklings Grow by Diane Molleson

Check out this book at Amazon.ComThe Little Wild Ducklings by Sonja Bullaty and Angelo Lomeo

Check out this book at Amazon.ComThe Little Duckby Judy Dunn

Check out this book at Amazon.ComDucky's Seasons by Dick McCue, Lisa McCue

Check out this book at Amazon.ComQuick, Quack, Quick by Marsha Diane Arnold, Lisa McCue

Check out this book at Amazon.ComDuckat by Gaelyn Gordon

... and finally...

Gratuitous RealAudio Quacker To Close The Page
The image is part of the .sig I use in my email. Click on the image for RealAudio stream, on the text for ftp download.
Listen to my own pet duck utter the company name via download.

Oh, and what do you think of my first GIF animation attempt (the dancing ducky below, which dances only for Netscape 2.01 or newer and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers)? I did this 16 Mar 1996 and have since done a few more that came out even better. A bit crusty around the edges but you can't beat a bobbing ducky.
[Updated 5 June 1996]

SyddDucky Does a little dance


Note to fans of Ducky Sherwood: Sorry, as much as I tried, I couldn't find any duckies on her voluminous web of pages. If you find one, let me know & I'll add it, but this page is not about people with cool nicknames like "Ducky" or "Sydd". Besides, she has enough links to her pages out there...

(couldn't resist)
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